Hello UCC Campus, its Legacybase Online Magazine once again, you were told you to expect more this semester concerning #UCCDecides. The team met up today with one political enthusiast by name Theodore Abosompem, (Ɛyɛ Possible) a student reading a Bachelors of Arts degree in Social Science. He tells us all in his article “Thinking Beyond Political Season”

Politics involves the activities, actions and policies that are used to gain and hold power in a government or to influence a government. It is the possibility of influencing others to get things done on your behalf as a leader or a follower. Politics becomes the centre of the game when all things within a period of once governance.

However, it can clearly be seen that politicians turn to give so many promises during their campaign seasons but most often fails to deliver them when they win or get the power they campaigned for.

Politicians should not only look at the benefits they may derive from winning political power but also the factors that will help the entire nation. It is because most politicians think of what they will gain if they win power alone that is why they fail to do things that their supporters threatens them not to do though it may bring benefits to the entire populace.

There is a saying that, “a good leader does not only get things done through his followers but actively involve him or her self in all activities towards its accomplishment”. That’s why we must entrust leaders who are trustworthy and honest in their dealings .

I further appeal that the youth, especially the people of UCC to entrust power into leaders who can help them build and think beyond politics. Leaders who do not think about their selfish interest alone but will repose confidence in them. Leaders who are always ready to serve the interest of others. Leaders who can devote their resources to the service of others.

It is said that, “to whom much is given, much is expected”, therefore we all as Ghanaians and concern citizens should start thinking outside the box of politics, political favours and what may happen to us when it gets to the political season and concentrate on what will bring about economic and social benefits to the entire nation.

It can also be noted that, it’s not only politicians who thinks about the political season but the entire citizens, especially the youth. Thus those who actively or partially involve themselves into politics-campaign seasons- just to see their party or team wins power are always on the neck of the government or president to gain their share of the national cake irrespective of their educational background or qualification. We should understand that politicians can’t provide all the needs of their members considering the legalities of the nation. Therefore we should also be thinking outside the box for what politicians can do for us and look for other avenues that can create employment and also help them acquire their needs gradually.

On this note, I admonish all Ghanaians to think beyond politics and see things as clearly as they are to help grow our their nation, Ghana. We have dreams, visions and innovative ideas which we can implement when we develop the needed confidence and think beyond politics and don’t ever destroy your competitor.
‘There is a saying that nobody knows tomorrow’


THEO(Ɛyɛ Possible)

Voice of the Youth




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