Blogging Masterclass This July


Can you make money from blogging? Yes!, Yes!, Yes! you can make money from Blogging, Digital Marketing and many others.
Aside getting the skill it also improves your creativity.

 In 10 years’ time, human labor will drop by 50%, Is your skill set now sustainable for the next 10 years? The effects will see overpopulation with high unemployment rate. Crime will escalate. Hunger will escalate. Wars are easily started. Then the whites will start wiping blacks out with either Ebola or some other bio weapon.

Someone said people with degrees are suffering, how much more those with BECE certificates 😂😂You are rude! But trust me, people without degrees are making even more impact and of course chopping big money than degree holders. In my opinion, it’s not about where you work nowadays, it’s about what you do. What do you have to offer? What are you bringing to the table?

Just a paper that says all correct and you can’t prove how you had all correct? That’s why I say whatever you are doing,  Excel at it. Attach some digital appeal to it, and you’ll be able to sustain in the coming age.

Well enough of the long talks. I’m Perry Tintin and my colleague Bra Amuah. We are professional Bloggers. We’ve had people enquire about Blogging.”Does it pay?”
“Is it difficult?”
“How do I market my blog?”
How do I make money?
“Domains are expensive”. etc.

The team has been able to come up with an Executive Private Masterclass that will take you through.

You’ll learn how to:
1 Create websites from scratch (no coding)
2 How to blog,
3 Writing constructively and ethical writing.
4 WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Etc Dashboards.

You’ll also be given tutorials on Maintaining, Marketing and Monetizing your site/blog.

It starts this July. Venue for classes is Second Cup, West Hills Mall .Time is 10am to 4pm each Saturday, for 3 weeks extensive tuition.

A Laptop is a must.
Free private Wifi,
Free coffee and snacks each day.
Certificates will be awarded
Rate is only 100ghc for the whole period.

Get in touch with us via 0500018757(Perry Tintin) or 0274790675 (Bra Amuah) to register. or register online via //

NB. Blogging is a lucrative venture when done the right way. Unemployed people can take it up and see for themselves. It can also be a part time money making venture.

Recommend, share and enroll.
See you soon.




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