How To Contact MTN and MTN Mobile Money Customer Care For Fast Service in Ghana

mtn customer care

MTN is the largest mobile telecom network in Ghana and with a market share of over 50% for voice and 70% for mobile money. Their voice subscriber base is over 16 million subscribers. As the only 4G voice and data network operator in Ghana, they are aiming for even bigger market shares.

Such huge number of subscribers accounts for their delayed response in customer service. Unlike before when it took hours for them to respond to customers via their voice customer call center, they now have faster response. This is most likely due to multiple complaints made by customers.

They have also smartly introduced various other methods, more modern, through which customers are cared for faster than waiting in long cues at their physical customer service locations or listening to their song for hours on phone waiting for someone to pick. They are outlined below in no particular order.

  1. Twitter (@askmtnghana):

    By tweeting a simple message to the twitter handle @askmtnghana and adding your mobile number, your concern is addressed within minutes and sometimes you might even get a call from the center to ask more about your concern. The only con about this method is that messages must be sent between 8am and 5pm (in my experience) else you will have to resort to the 24/7 (or so they say) voice center service.

  2. Facebook (MTN Ghana [@MTNGhana]):

    The official and verified MTN Ghana Facebook page is one fast method of getting your concern heard and dealt with. The best way is to send them a direct message for them to reply back although you can comment of their posts with their concerns and they will answer you. They also have a facebook web app for chats where you can get heard quickly. Doing this out of their normal working hours (8am to 5pm) and weekends could end you in waiting forever for a reply.

  3. WhatsApp (0554300000/0553300000):

    MTN can also be contacted on WhatsApp by adding the numbers 0554300000/0553300000 to your contacts and chatting a customer care representative directly on either number. This should also be done at normal working hours only(8am to 5pm). Reply can also be a bit slow depending on load of customers being attended to.

  4. Instagram (@mtnghanacustomercare):

    The MTN customer care account on Instagram, as its name suggests, is a great way of getting in touch with the network for them to address your concerns. Although I do not have much experience with this method. I’m sure the load on it isn’t great looking at the followers and their response rate and would be a very good way of getting ur issues resolved fast. Like all their social media contact methods, the best time is to contact them during normal working hours(8am to 5pm).

  5. Skype (customercaremtngh):

    The official Skype account for MTN Ghana is one cool way of getting in touch with the MTN Customer Care service fast. This like the ones above is not a 24/7 service. Advisable to contact them at normal working hours (8am to 5pm).

  6. MTN Ghana Official Website (Chat MTN Customer Care Reps Online):

    You can also get quick response by having a live chat with MTN Customer Care reps via their official website or fill out a form on the site. This must be done during normal working hours (8am to 5pm).

  7. Email (

    You can also send a email with your queries to and reps will get back to you with a response. This can be sent at anytime however and a response will be given by all means but it is best to send during their working hours (8am-5pm).

  8.  Walk into a Customer Service Center:

    This is one sure way to get any issue resolved no matter what it maybe. Not all service centers are packed with customers waiting in line. This therefore becomes an assured way to get your issue solved. Of course they close, so these centers operate on weekdays 8am-5pm and on Saturdays same time.

  9. Customer Care Hotline(100 [Toll Free]/0244300000/02410062279):

    This is the old way of getting in contact with the customer care and honestly, it has improved than before. This method therefore remains an effective way of contacting the customer care service. And the great thing is it working anytime, anyday .

With any of these methods or a combination of these methods, you are sure to stay connected with MTN everytime.

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