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Hello Africa, hello Ghana, Welcome to Ventsell.
Here at Ventsell Inc., we’re proud to be an e-technology service expert. That means we’re among an elite group of developers in Ghana working hard to create an eccentric routine paradigm which obsessively seek out elegant, composable abstractions that enable robust, scalable, flexible integrations. We’ are helping many event organisers transform an underperforming events system to an all-out sales boom just by improving their online events experience.

E-ticketing, Fund raising and Fun

  1. Everything is hassle free, no glitches
  2. Creating events and projects made easy
  3. Publish your events and projects, with just a simple click
  4. Advertise, promote your projects and events to reach more people!
  5. Sell tickets and raise funds easier and faster, and get paid
  6. Track project / event growth and insights monitor and administer your work both everywhere at anytime.
What is Ventsell ?
Ventsell revitalize events management and help people around the world self-organize.
The idea of organizing a Meetup involves a live event at which people meet in person, That is the main purpose of ventsell to help connect people to what they love most.
What are the main features of ventsell ?  The main features of ventsell are
  • Electronic Ticketing
  • Meetups and Event Management
  • Sell tickets on your website

Introducing Crowdfunding in Africa

The practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet is #crowfunding. #Ventsell brings the first and eligible crowd funding platform in Africa, stop hassling and keep up with the fun.

#Ventsell connecting people to what they love most.

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Start powering your events with a hassle free platform, Create, Advertise and Buy tickets to the events you love most.




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