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Do you still hustle with transport to and from work? Do you still hustle with transport when travelling? Worry no more Raba Rides is here for you. Raba Rides is a start-up in the ride-sharing software development industry. Raba Rides offers transportation services to the Ghanaian public in a modality different from current ride-sharing apps.

That is, while current ride-sharing apps allow the user to request a ride from a waiting driver, Raba seeks to approach this from a carpooling point of view, where both drivers and passengers have control over the starting point and destination of a trip, and fees are split between them.

What is carpooling?
Carpooling (also car-sharing, ride-sharing and lift-sharing) is the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car, and prevents the need for others to have to drive to a location themselves.

Ultimately, the business is building a sharing economy, allowing people in urban cities (primarily in Africa) to leverage technology in order to access resources for their well-being and productivity through community, togetherness and mutual support; and the starting point of this vision is with a ride-sharing (carpooling) platform that allows car-owners and passengers who are heading the same way at a specific time to meet each other, share a ride, network and share costs.

Based on our research we have identified that both drivers and passengers go through the following hustle:

  • Queuing and tussling for space in tro-tros.
  • Stress and tiredness in acquiring transportation.
  • Sullying of outfits due to dust and tussling with others.
  • Time wasting due to the uncertainty of arrival of these cars.
  • Taking multiple vehicles to get to the said destination.
  • Long hours in traffic due to a large number of cars on the road.
  • Drivers unsure of when and where they are to source/pick their passengers.
  • Fuel cost borne alone by private drivers.

Raba Rides is a cheaper alternative, convenient to drivers (who will do pickups at designated spots on their already decided routes), and equally rewarding to them as cost of fuel and car maintenance is split amongst passengers in compensation for space provided, and rewards are given for their efforts.
It is also useful to both drivers and passengers because both were already planning to go a certain way, as such neither is taking the inconvenience of derailing a route for their counterpart.

The process is also simple and stress-free: one just needs to sign up to create or book a ride, then meet the driver or passenger at designated stop (at specified time), and be on their way to the destination. Since rides are planned and booked in advance, Raba Rides offers an advantage in the time factor as people can properly plan their routes and day in general, whether drivers or riders.

Raba Rides is for you if you are :
A private car owner
You use your car for individual/family/private trips

A private bus or taxi owner
You use your car for transportation services to regularly scheduled routes

A professional driver
You offer private transport services to organised groups: in churches, workplaces, schools, tourists, etc.

An individual
You are looking to move on your daily routes in a cheaper and more organized way

An organized group
Looking to make one-off trips to an event, a tour, etc

Moving up and down in town can sometimes be stressful — thick traffic, long waits at the bus stop, expensive fares, winding unending queues, so much fuel money spent and more carbon emission. Don’t you think there has to be a less stressful and better way to move to and from work, school, church or an event? If you own a car and you wish to help others breathe a sigh of relief from the stress of moving from point A to B, then Raba Rides is the best way to help. Raba Rides is also for you if you don’t own a car and wish there was a more comfortable but inexpensive way to move about.

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