Microsoft Hololens : The Real World and The Virtual World Merged


Imagine watching a TV or playing a video game with no physical screen. Imagine learning a new  skill practically without having the available resources. Microsoft HoloLens makes this possible. It is a wearable Headset the integrate virtual reality into the actual reality. It was announced by Microsoft on 21st January this year and released a video on it’s applications which is quite impressive.

Last week Microsoft published another video on the HoloLens YouTube Channel, the medical and educational benefits of the Headset. The video shows what it actually feels like to use the device. By using the device to generate a 3D Human Anatomy, Microsoft believes the HoloLens will help medical students better learn understand human anatomy and how Human Systems Work by allowing them observe parts in 3D. Engineers and architects can also use it to develop better models and also see how parts they are developing can fit in their models.hololens_motorbike_cad

Microsoft has already started developing apps and games for their Virtual Reality Device and also incorporating already existing apps like Skype into it, thus revolutionizing chatting.


The downside,  the HoloLens won’t be able to advance to the user’s entire range f view but to a central field. But this does not seem to move people much.

The makers suggest the device will either come with a 1080p (Full HD) or 720p (HD) screen (that is how the virtual reality will appear to you). According to reported specifications of the device, the device could come optimized for wireless charging, gaming, movies.

The device can create a giant virtual movie theater, new games in 3D mode could incude you in the game sometime in the future. Watch the video below to decide if you are more or less interested in the device.

While we wait for it’s release anticipated for maybe somewhere in December at a price between $500 -$1500 (unannounced but considering certain factors). The future is indeed more closer than we think.




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