Walk with christ ’17 set for December 23rd


Hype Jesus Campaign is a christian evangelism crew that has gradually crept into the cores of showbiz. They are unique in the sense that they attract their target and give them just one thing – THE CHRIST FACTOR.


Come this December, they bring to us the second edition of WALK WITH CHRIST 2017, an interactive health walk that seeks to bring together the biggest gathering of Ghanaian youth ranging from senior high schools, universities and even the working class. The age range falls between 13 – 45. This year’s edition promises to be BIIIG. The venue is set- the walk starts from the Accra Mall and goes all the way to end at the El-Wak Sports Stadium. Time is 8am Sharp!!


Activities include hot inter campus jama, brass band music along the roads and when we finally end at the stadium, the fun games begin- basketball, soccer, volley, etc, even dragon riding. LOL. (just kidding!) and lots of photo-shoots. There will be health talks, socialization, refreshments and lots of goodies. Paramount of it all, Christ will be proclaimed. Sponsors include Project Heaven, Perry Tintin, Legacybase.com , Panafrica Tv, Uniq fm,  Gospel Family Show. and is proudly powered by Inkgate Global.

What makes this year’s edition one of the most anticipated is the fact that, we have partnered with lots of senior high schools who are repping in full force. The SRCs of the various universities are solidly behind and are also repping with the creme de la creme in their campuses- their jama teams and soccer teams. The battle sessions between the older generation and the younger one is also highly anticipated with prices ready for the taking.

Powered by Inkgate Global, a prime Brand Management and PR firm, the organization appears on point as well as publicity. The Inkgate Global and HJC team awaits a number of radio and television appearances. For further inquiry, contact Hype Jesus Campaign on their social media handles on the flyers or simply contact the events coordinator on 0500018757.

Come this 23rd, all roads lead from the Accra Mall to the El-Wak Sports Stadium as a host of young and old WALK WITH CHRIST.




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