Hundred of young Ghanaians take the bold step of volunteering with AIESEC annually. While away, they work with a team of other volunteers from other countries in implementing community projects, facilitating operations in organizations and experiencing the culture of their host country. And when they get back to Ghana, they are totally transformed individuals who are not only self-aware but solution-driven.

AIESEC in Central University offers young people within and outside tertiary institutions across the country the opportunity to go on Exchange programs with our partners in various countries across the globe. AIESEC is present in 124 countries and territories and over 2400 universities. Our active collaborative network of passionate and energetic young people across these countries facilitates this exchange process. The delightful thing is the fact that these exchange programs run all year round (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn). Thus students get to spend their vacation volunteering abroad with AIESEC.

Winter is coming and AIESEC in Central University is again opening its doors to students to volunteer abroad! In addition to working on the United Nations goals for sustainable development and shaping your perspective to fit a global frame, there are a lot of reasons to volunteer abroad with AIESEC.

  1. Add more value to your CV by gaining a professional experience in just six weeks

  2. Experience culture and intense diversity working with volunteers from other countries.

  3. Live in a global learning environment, share ideas and learn!

  4. Develop your personal leadership and managerial skills by working in a diverse team.

  5. Build a global network of professional friends

  6. Create live long connections with people you will meet.

All these and much more happen within six weeks through our leadership development models. In addition to your cross cultural experience and all the fun you can ever imagine, you get to make the world a better place and go on to become a global citizen.

For example you can find yourself volunteering in Turkey, contributing to the attainment of the SDG of making Quality Education Accessible for all. All the same you get to meet various nationals volunteering with you as you work towards this common goal. You get to experience their culture and the culture of Turkey too and you get to have super fun too while at it.

If you are ready to join the 2070+ people who volunteer with AIESEC  yearly, then send an email to and sign up to create your own colourful vacation stories!

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