Effective Communication Masterclass

I recently got to attend a seminar under the auspices of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, specifically the Young Executive Chapter, Airport West Hotel. I managed to make some strong connections there. One of them caught my attention, (name withheld for now). He insisted that he knew me. I was astonished as the only place i had met him or seen him was at the same premise at a different program organized by the same people. He kept insisting he knows me from somewhere yet he can’t recall. Fast forward, he came home to my cousin’s place. They are very good friends. He met me there again and the whole thing started again. (laughs). He probed and asked questions and lo and behold, he was a mutual friend of my friend. Apparently he’d see all my articles, posts, events, flyers, etc on my friend’s timelines. The rest of the conversation “resembles your eyes”. We laughed heartily and talked endlessly. Then he revealed to me one thing he is working on which happens to be the purpose of this blog post. Stay with me, you wont regret it. What caught my eye is that, with other similar seminars, there’s little tangible and hands-on practical interactions. A seminar that’s closed in, reveals, informs, equips, educates, mentors and prepares you for what you’re there for. Ladies and gentlemen, as a young entrepreneur bridging cultural gaps between Africa and the other parts of the world, if i lie to you, “weytin i gain”?

I present to you EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION MASTERCLASS 101. This is being organized by MINDS GLOBAL CONSULT and will be held at the AIRPORT WEST HOTEL, ACCRA from 9am to 1pm. Interested parties should follow this link to REGISTER.

Effective Communication Masterclass

This course is specially designed for; Sales and Marketing Personnel, NGOs, Entrepreneurs, Customer Service Personnel, Nurses, Prospective Graduates and more, who desire improvement of their communication skills and enhanced productivity within their businesses and workplace.

At the end of this training participants will learn:

The subtle art of effective communication

What a communication funnel is and how to use it

How to make more sales using the communication funnel

How to analyze your audience and speak with confidence

It is highly important that you register to book your seat. Limited seats available. Register HERE

At this juncture, i’m positive i will see you there.




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