Introducing PLS Apartments: Hospitality Has A New Home


For foreigners and locals who love to have a royal experience in the form of an exquisite home away from home, this is the best kind of services in the system now. If you haven’t heard, then i just hinted to you. With luxury apartments, private studio bedrooms with state of the art amenities for your staying pleasure, you are assured of value for your stay. With locations in East Legon and Cantonments, all suburbs in Accra, we place you right in the centre of the heart of Mother Ghana. The East Legon set of properties is less than three minutes drive from the national airport and two minutes away from the Accra Mall. Shopping, locomotion and safety is highly assured. These set of  properties also have great amenities such as rooftop swimming pools, gym, restaurant, and free internet, DSTV and digital television.

For those who want private reservations away from the busy hustle and bustle of the capital, the Cantonments location serves as a haven for serenity and comfortability.  For guests who book into the Cantonments property, your safety and comfortability is assured in the sense that, the properties have their own shopping centers, restaurants, and mall within the property location. Also available are swimming pools, chess court, tennis court, gym, restaurant, etc.

PLS Apartments bring you great packages for your honeymoons, relaxations, weekends, hangouts, date nights and romantic sleep-outs. The company is a duly Registered fully furnished luxury apartment rental business and has been in operations for the past 3  years. With online booking profiles on some of the world’s biggest property platforms such as , and , we have a reputation for being the best in what we do.

So why don’t you contact us on  +233 201 249 577 / +233 243 107 336 / +233 243 922 224   or send us an email via




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