The App You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here: The MTN App.

the MTN app

“Plagiarism”. That word shakes some Ghanaians to the core. It became very popular after the current sitting president was alleged to have plagiarized a speech used by some past presidents of the United States. It got trending for quite a long while and now, even an 8-month old fetus knows the meaning of PLAGIARISM. Ever been plagiarized? Truthfully it hurts. For us content creators, it really hurts to see your works majestically trending with someone else’s name or brand. For video content creators and lovers of YouTube especially, it’s time you faced your originality without the fear of getting plagiarized. let me unveil to you to something catchy, fun, very entertaining, unique and out of this world, I know you’ll love it.

Now introducing – The MTN: MOBILE TELEVISION NETWORK APP. This is an app for the everyday kind of person. What’s your interest? Is it love, fun, inspiration, drama? Or is it sports, news, politics, medicine, or science in general? Then you just got served with the best of the best. It’s very integrated for either the guest user and the host. In simple terms, you can create your own content and have it on the platform to reach millions of enthusiasts. These lovers of your craft get the chance to view, download, share and even connect with you directly. For entrepreneurs, this is a good marketing scheme to create connections for further business prospects. If you are a user who’s interested per as you go, you can find all you need. The scope is in-depth and the range is wide, trust me you will never get bored.

“For creators whose projects are chosen, everyone gets to view and enjoy your content as well. You can entertain your usual demographic, and broaden your reach to viewers in the U.S. and other countries just waiting to become loyal fans of yours too.That’s amazing, right? I know!”The app is here to entertain and simultaneously be a new portal for African talents to express themselves on a global scale. The MTN app is available so far as you have a smartphone, and in this age of tech, who isn’t on a smartphone? Even Granma skypes!

The MTN app

The goodies embedded in the MTN app seem endless. The platform is language-friendly and has no barriers as to languages used in creative content. So far as you have a target audience who’d embrace your act as a guest account holder, you are good to go with MTN app.

“I created this app out of necessity. It was necessary that we own something through which we could entertain, and get our creative projects straight to the people ourselves. Ownership was the key, and the best way to own something is to develop it yourself” says Ernest Dancy, CEO and Co-Founder. “Through my experiences pitching TV show ideas to other TV networks, and waiting on them for years to say yes, it was finally time for me to say YES to myself. As a result, other content creators will have a better shot at getting their hard work seen by the masses. That is why my brother/Co-founder, Austin Dancy and I are on this journey. Tech, the internet, and smartphones make it all possible!”

Mr. Ernest Dancy, CEO and Co-founder, The MTN app.

So, why don’t you head over to Apple Store or PlayStore and get this amazing app for yourself. Don’t worry, you can customize it to suit your interests and needs. Cheers!



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