HelloDelivery To Provide “Superior Ride” Opportunity To Drivers; Subscribe To The App Now


HelloDelivery and HelloRide, one of Africa’s A-list online transportation and delivery services company have announced it is accepting drivers for its ride-hailing platform. Managers at a lunch date organized on Tuesday to engage its dedicated drivers and workforce on best global practices opened the company’s doors to interested car owners.

Operations Manager at Hello delivery, Dennis Donkor, acknowledged that feedback from drivers and users remain a key influencer in the decision the company takes in rolling out new products, tweaking existing offers and realigning itself with the current market demands in Ghana.

HelloDelivery Launch
This is part of the company’s undertakings to provide superior ride and delivery experiences at a click of a button by taking into account the optimum safety and well-being of its drivers – which eventually would translate into the best ride-hailing and delivery experiences for users.
HelloDelivery Launch
Africent Group DWC – LLC, developed and launched the apps last year in Accra on December 29, and already has increasing numbers of drivers signing up.  The apps outshine other thriving ride-hailing competitors; Hello Delivery has unparalleled five-in-one online ride options for users.
HelloDelivery Launch


The company charges a commission of 17.5% on every trip. Hello ride is also looking to roll out Hello Pay, a reliable means of payment and transaction for both drivers and users, later this year. Dennis Donkor says the company “has put in place the necessary corporate infrastructure and systems to protect user data of Hello Pay online.”
The success of the app is aptly guaranteed – this is one of the many quality service-introductions that make the company the preferred option. He added that Hello Delivery and Hello Ride contribute to healthy competition by further de-monopolizing the market, providing more options for users, ensuring that drivers can take home more money while riders save money also.
HelloDelivery Launch
The company plans to expand to other countries in Africa and the Middle Eastern region in the coming years. Visit social media (FB/IG, Twitter: @HelloRide and Hellodeliveries.org) for further information. Also download Hello Delivery and Hello Ride on iOS store and Google PlayStore.




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