Children… Come around and let me tell you the greatest love story ever.. A love story so great Romeo and Juilliet pales in comparison.. A love story so awesome it confounds human understanding Once, a powerful king had two servants whom He loved dearly.. However these servants rebelled againts Him at the behest of the king’s enemy. Now this king was loving but he was also just and fair as he was forgiving. So as per the laws, he gave the servants the punishment they deserved; He sacked them from His kingdom  while they awaited eventual death.. For He was the source of their very lives.. In Him they lived and had their being so the further they strayed from Him, the quicker they died.

However He still loved them.. He couldn’t live without them.. He couldn’t watch them die.. He loved them so much. Infact he loved too much.. So he decided to make the ultimate sacrifice.. He decided to pay the full price for their sins.. He offered himself as a Lamb to be slaughtered and be used as a propitiation for their sins. How a powerful king (A lion) became a lamb, well that beats my imagination -The paradox of love. The truest form of love. Long story short, this king sacrificed himself for their sake.. To prove his love for his undeserving servants and to fulfill the law. For it was stated that ‘without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins’

To remember such a great love, sacrifice and to give him the worship He deserves, *THE MAJESTIC GRACE INC*. celebrates such love with their annual *’NIGHT OF WORSHIP AND POETRY’*. This year its happening on 7th May, under the theme *Jesus, the Lion and the Lamb* at the *Revival Restoration Center (RRC), 4:00PM.* Rate: Jesus paid it all… But you have to pay GHC 10 to help in our SHS outreach. Your life will definitely be blessed as you enjoy in God’s presence…


credit: Onyinah Frimpong Andrews