The University of Cape Coast (UCC)Department of Biomedical Science under the School of Allied health Sciences under the College of Health & Allied Sciences presents their Annual Pharmacognosy Exhibition.

The College was created in August 2014 by merging the UCC School of Medical Sciences, the School of Nursing and Midwifery, the Departments of Optometry (from the School of Physical Sciences), Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences (from the School of Physical Sciences) and the Department of Biomedical  (from the School of Biological Sciences)

Allied Health Science is a multidisciplinary branch of the health sciences involved with identification, evaluation and prevention of diseases and disorders.
It seeks to understand the body’s dietary, nutrition and rehabilitation needs and to manage health systems.
Allied health professionals include physician assistants, diagnostic medical sonographers, dieticians, medical laboratory technologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, radiographers, respiratory therapists, exercise physiologists, dental hygienists, and speech language pathologists, among several others.
It is estimated that allied health professionals provide for nearly 60% of all healthcare needs, working with doctors, or as independent practitioners.


A global school of excellence whose members blend technology, professional will and humility to positively advance health, driven by bold leadership in ethics, academic excellence, research, community service and professional development. The college is well positioned to be an acclaimed public provider of quality health professions education.

The students have been divided into groups with each giving a specific area within their field of study to exhibit their products. These products include Cosmeceuticals, Soap Making, Herbal Medicines, and many others. Group names such as: Super Hair Cosmeceuticals, AzaferaGH, H-Pharma, Burnafii Group of Companies and others were all spotted at the exhibition grounds.

The exhibition is being held at the forecourt of the Sam Jona Library. Starting from 8:00am. Do pass by to listen to the experts.


A group explaining their products to viewers

The Cosmeceuticals, group products

Sexual Weakness guys this group is surely your last stop.

AzaferaGH in action

Soap making

shower gel

Herbal medicine was not left out

This Gentleman loves his job

The exhibition is being held at the forecourt of the Sam Jona Library. Starting from 8:00am. Do pass by to listen to the experts.

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