The train takes you to University of Cape CoastATLANTIC HALL amidst their 55th Biegya Hall Festival. ATLANTIC HALL (ATL) also known as “THE MARINERS” or “THE PRIDE OF UCC” is to set UCC on an unquenchable fire till Sunday when the festival is over. This year the say “Still in a comfortable lead – No Abaabasɛ” That their slogan for the festival.

Would ATL’s 55TH Hall festival be the talk on campus or do we wait for the upcoming 50th Hall festival of their rivals Casely Hayford Hall before we can judge?

The Festival week activities are as follows:

Monday 13th March, 2017

Executive Monday – All are expected to dress in executive stlye.

Hot Seat

Tuesday 14th March, 2017

Free Education (Back in the days – Assembly time, Roll Call, Inspection, March pass & Soluko)

Movie Night

Candle procession



Wednesday 15th March, 2017

Blue Wednesday – All are expected to wear their Blue Hall Lacoste on this day

Bonfire night – Rep Your SHS


Thursday 16th March, 2017

Health Screening

Inter-Wing Cooking Competition

Scottish Day’s out (For Gents) – The men would be seen in skirt

Dress Like Him (For Ladies) – The ladies would be seen in male outfits

Live Band

Friday 17th March, 2017

ATL goes Alhaji & Hajia

Islamic Hour

Culture & Heritage Night.

Saturday 18th March, 2017

Grand Durbar

Masquerade In-House party

Sunday 19th March, 2017

Breakfast in the city

Pipis & Non Pipis football match

Thanksgiving service


ATL 55th Biegya Hall Festival – “Still in a comfortable lead – No Abaabasɛ”