On Saturday 22nd July 2017, Sai Wine, Accra’s exclusive wine and champagne cafè, shall be hosting its first wine and food pairing session.
Sai Wine has partnered with a local Spanish wine distributor Fabeco Group Ltd to pair 3 wine varietals with some tasty dishes. The upcoming Food & Wine Pairing evening is another enthusiastic step from Sai to drive people to think about the art and design of food rather than eating and drinking
‘Not all foods and drinks are to be consumed together…have you ever had something very minty then drank a can of coke? It is the worst taste in your mouth and creates an unwanted, unforgiving after taste. More often than not we select certain drinks for our food out of habit, culture or preference at the time. Yet the art of food and wine teaches us that a great pairing of wine can make a good food great!’ quoted Sai Events & Membership Manager.
This Saturday’s Food & Wine Pairing Evening presents an opportunity for guests to try 3 new Spanish wine varietals:- Maria Amoros – The Chardonnay, Duc de Foix – White Wine and Duc de Foix – Rosè. Each wine shall be  paired with bites of flavored chicken drumsticks, chili prawns and pasta and soft cheeses.
‘It is definitely not your everyday delicacy in Accra, yet this is what makes our events so unique. At Sai we want our customers to experience something different from the delicious and fulfilling banku’s fufu’s, tz, jollof rice et al. We need people to start expanding their food palates to see and experience what else is out there Yet this is only for the learned, those who see themselves growing and being exposed at some stage in their lives. We do realize that our activities are not for everybody.’ stated Sai’s Events & Membership Manager.
The upcoming Food & Wine Pairing Evening is open to the public as Sai embarks on its objective to encourage food, drink enthusiasts and aspirational professionals to learn about the world of Cognac.
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