Wine is good for the body, in fact it is good for everybody’s body. Normally it would be an occasion that would entice “our people” to bring out good wine to be enjoyed. But let’s change the norm a little, i have an exclusive for you. I researched about Sai Wine and realized that wine is meant to be savored, enjoyed, adored, held in high esteem, for it is that which seeps into the very depths of our souls calming all frustrations, lighting up all dark shades and giving meaning to love and passion. i wouldn’t want you to miss this exclusive event.  On Saturday 8th July 2017, Sai Wine, Accra’s exclusive wine and champagne cafè, shall be hosting a wine tasting session with South African wine – Manor House. Manor House wine is a premium wine under the brand Nederburg produced by one of Africa’s largest beverage companies Distell. I’d definitely love to see you there.
Sai Wine & Champagne Cafè prides itself with serving 75% of wines which distributors do not sell in the supermarket. Due to the high visibility and saturation of South African wine Nederburg, early in 2016, Sai chose to remove Nederburg from its wine list. Sai Events  quoted ‘Our business model allows for 25% of the wines which consumers see everyday to be featured on our wine list, to allow people to ease into our space and feel free to gradually explore the world of wines. Quite typically, a majority of the wines we see in supermarkets et al are easy-to-drink entry level wines, which comes in your basic wine grapes Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Although Nederburg is immensely popular, its success worked against them in our case as we felt it was too easily accessible for everybody therefore one may not feel special when drinking it at Sai.’
Sai Wine & Champagne Cafè
Although Nederburg was removed off Sai’s wine list, they were still open to featuring other wines from the distillery which may have been available in Accra. “Early 2017, we were speaking with a new supplier when we learnt of Nederburg’s premium brand Manor House and we were elated, because we knew our customers would be happy to try a premium version of their favorite brands” quoted the Events & Membership Manager of Sai Wine.
This Saturday, Sai shall be hosting a wine tasting session with trained and experienced wine sommelier Ms Janet Adusei. Guests shall be taken through the history of the distillery and how the premium brand came about, thereafter they shall taste 2-3 wine varietals.
Ms Janet Adusei shall be showing guests how to smell, taste and drink wine and guiding them on what to look out for with regards to tasting notes.
The upcoming event is open to the public as Sai embarks on its objective to encourage ‘wine enthusiasts’ and aspirational professionals to learn about the beautiful world of wine.
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