Zenobia Mensah – CEO of Zendiva Makeup Meets Bra Amuah


Join us on the show as Zenobia Mensah – CEO of Zendiva Makeup delves into 21st Century ladies and Makeup. It’s still #themeetbraamuahshow.
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MBA: Welcome to The Meet Bra Amuah show. let me take you to Spain. Amablemente cuéntanos sobre ti?

Zenobia: ***Laughs*** please let’s manage it here. Good day

MBA: Okay, so clearly you have not travelled to Spain like I have. 😂😂 I meant Kindly tell us about yourself?

Zenobia: No, I haven’t ohhh. Haha. I’m known as Zenobia Mensah by friends and colleagues. A young lady with passion to make people happy inside out and fun to be with.

MBA: So aside your friends and colleagues what are you known as?

Zenobia: Imagine behind Zendiva makeup since most people call me Zen

MBA: Zendiva Makeup🤔 Are you an entrepreneur?

Zenobia: Yes please

MBA: Tell us more about it?

Zenobia: It’s all about looking gorgeous be it face, nails or your hair.

MBA: So how did Zendiva Makeup come into existence. My readers are also curious about the name. Could you delve more into it?

Zenobia: Our aim is to make our ladies feel unique, gorgeous and feel more like a celebrity as the word “diva” means. So that’s how I came up with the Zendiva.

MBA: And the existence? Or you just woke up one day and set it up?

Zenobia: It is my hobby and decided to make it more professional, so I had a certificate in all types of makeup and after I brought this up as my business.

MBA: That impressive. Zenobia can you tell us about your childhood?

Zenobia: I had an interesting childhood, always with my dolls and been indoors.

MBA: My readers are eager. They are pushing for more. They are not taking interesting childhood for an answer. Can you expatiate on that?

Zenobia: 😀Okay I had a strong religious and educational background, oh yes, I am a proud old girl of Ahantaman Girls Senior High School. I am an oil city girl. “Asey na ese ebadze, ᴐrekᴐdo a? I was actually pampered. ***Laughs***

MBA: So, you are actually a “Dadaba/Mamaba”. Are you the only born?

Zenobia: ***Laughs*** I’m not, I’m 3rd out of 4 kids. But daddy’s favorite

MBA: Then you are a “Dadaba”. Haha. Let me put you on the spot. Tell us any health-related issues relating to the use of make up?

Zenobia: Actually, wrong application of stuff such as eye shadow or lashes can harm the eye or fake product can spoil the face.

MBA: Spoil in what sense. What health complications are we talking about here.?

Zenobia: Eye infections like pink eye, stamp infection, acne and rosacea

MBA: We learning here. So, should one require education before applying makeup? Or it’s just for anyone. A follow up question is who is supposed to use make up.?

Zenobia: Yeah, it’s advisable to be educated on it before using some products and anybody can apply makeup if she isn’t allergic to certain things

MBA: How would one know of any complications with make up when she hasn’t tried any before. Is there any tests makeup artists do on their clients or questions they ask them before serving them?

Zenobia: First and foremost, one must read about the product before use. Some products are for all skin types so we check your compatibility with the product. If not we we use ours which matches your skin color and devoid of any complications. With the help of face primers we should be good to go.

MBA: How do we reach you for your services?

Zenobia: WhatsApp on 0578320566 and call on 0246483049 and you’re good to go. Send a mail to zendiva_makeover@gmail.com

MBA: Great to know. Zenobia my readers are asking whether you are dating?

Zenobia: ☺yeah, I’m in a relationship and he’s very supportive.

MBA: Oh nice. And who is he? “Small kokonsa”

Zenobia: ☺he’s my personal person so I’ll introduce him in my next interview if God permits

MBA: The next interview starts now 😂😂😂So we are waiting?

Zenobia: Smart move😊 don’t worry he’ll be known very soon.

MBA: 😂😂😂Well noted. So, our gossip bird tells us you are a student at the University of Competitive Choice. How do your combine your business with academics?

Zenobia: Oh yeah that’s true. Stressful I would say, but with a perfect schedule it’s cool since I’m determined.

MBA: What plans do you have for the students too. Any cool packages?

Zenobia: Yeah, I have some cool packages for graduands, freshers and anyone else with some discounts on their visit.

MBA: Well noted. Then UCC students should watch out for something new and great this semester. What your opinion in the recent shuffle of the ministers by His Excellency President Akuffo Addo?

Zenobia: Well I’ve not really paid attention to the matter but what I think is the president wants to establish clarity and a bias free system and also prevent corruption and prejudice

MBA: Rapping up. What message do you have for startups out there?

Zenobia: It’s not easy but they should focus on the price and they’ll be good

MBA: What price?

Zenobia: What they want to achieve, not money even though it’s important.

MBA: By your candid opinion, what do you think about 21st century ladies and make up?

Zenobia: It has improved but there’s more to come from the look of things.

MBA: Is that all you can say? Another school of thought says is being abused and used wrongly. Do you agree?

Zenobia: The purpose of makeup from my point of view is the same as the purpose of wearing clothes. You see that people that wear makeup can change their appearance (to look older, younger). Purpose of makeup is tightly connected with the ability of people to imagine things. I also think makeup is only abused if it’s rather making a negative impression than the intended purpose not to talk about the health aspects such as skin defects.

MBA: Thanks for your time Zenobia. Was great having you on #themeetbraamuahshow.

Zenobia: The pleasure is all mine Bra. Amuah




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