Hello UCC Campus, its Legacybase Online Magazine once again, you were told you to expect more this semester concerning student leadership due to the change in date of some hall week celebrations. These upcoming leaders keep on knocking on our doors to project their voice and message. Kingsley Sarpong Akowuah, hopeful of SRC Presidency come election time is here today to welcome his fellow continuing students and freshers to campus.

Kingsley’s Welcome Address

Greetings freshers, greetings fellow students, I take this opportunity to congratulate all freshers who have gained admission into this Institution. I am convinced that your admission was not a mere coincidence but an act of God. I trust that all continuing students had successful industrial attachment and a deserving rest afterwards.

Freshers, the University of Cape Coast is glad to have you here. Known as the University of Competitive Choice, it basically means that all actions undertaken are by one’s own choice. I hope you make a good choice be it, social life, spiritual life, financial life and most importantly academic life. Time management should be a priority for all. We are here mainly for academic pursuits.

Develop good relationships with your lecturers, research assistants, teaching assistants and colleagues in order to receive the necessary academic help. We must strive for a balance between studies and fun. Above all, we must be one another’s keeper.

The University operate an open-door policy; your thoughts, suggestions, constructive criticisms, and contributions about the society would be accepted in good faith. I would also like to encourage us all to treat academic work with an exceptional earnestness in anticipation of a brimming semester.

I challenge the Executives of the SRC, appointees and the whole student body to lend a hand in effecting positive impact in and outside campus. Let us value and tolerate the different thoughts and sentiments of one another not forgetting to devote maximum obedience to all rules and regulations of this noble institution.

Our success is only assured when we steer clear of all forms of deeds and practices that are injurious to the very advancement that we hope to attain. Like Martin Luther King Jr said, “the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education”.

Once again, Freshers I welcome you all to the University of Competitive Choice and wish you a blessed and successful academic year. For the continuing students, I welcome you back to campus and wish you the best in the semester.

Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit.

 Let’s keep thinking victory.

#iamkingsley and #ithinkvictory

Longlive UCC
Longlive Ghana