Wanlov The Kubolor – Musician, Film Director & Cultural Icon Meets Bra Amuah


Today on the show, we are privileged to have the Kubolor musician himself. The only musician who sells ladies pad and underwear at Kantamanto market. He is no other person than Wanlov The Kubolor.

Ladies and gallant gents kindly get your pidgin dictionaries because you might have to refer to them.

MBA: Hello chief, Good day and welcome to The Meet Bra Amuah Show.

Wanlov The Kubolor: Nagode

MBA: To break the ice, Why the name Kubolor?

Wanlov The Kubolor: Freedom

MBA: Freedom indeed. Wanlov could you tell us how life at Adisadel college was? Was that where your music career began?

Wanlov The Kubolor:
 Was a colonial obstacle course…I started performing there but not for money…for sardine.

MBA: 😂😂I guess you started selling sardines at some point. Imagining the way Single sex school entertainments are always lively.

MBA: My readers would like to know about your family and childhood.?

Wanlov The Kubolor: My family is Ashanti and Romanian and I grew up in mile 7.

MBA: Ghanaian – Romanian it is. Kubolor your persona is noted to wearing skirt like dresses, wrappers and no shoes. Any motive behind that? Or would I say it’s your branding?

Wanlov The Kubolor: I wear what I feel like wearing…wish I could be naked.

MBA: Freedom Freedom. Wanlov The Kubolor is your stage name. We would like to know your real name.? Wanlov do you do only Afro pop or something else?

Wanlov The Kubolor: Kubolor is my real name…Owusu Bonsu is my government name. I make many types of music.

MBA: What inspired you to sing “F**k me too hard”

Wanlov The Kubolor: A girl.

My readers would also like to know what motivated you in selling ladies panties and pad at Kantamanto?

Wanlov The Kubolor: The economy.

MBA: Have you also met someone you look up to as a role model?

Wanlov The Kubolor: Woyome

MBA: There are also rumors you have kids in Romania. How true is that?

Wanlov The Kubolor: Children live there but they are not mine.

MBA: In the next 5 years, how would you like the Ghanaian music industry to be?

Wanlov The Kubolor: Fair and finally delivered from Obuor’s stomach.

MBA: Will you accept to be featured on a gospel song?

Wanlov The Kubolor: Only if the gospel artist will have sex with me.

MBA: 😂😂 Could you share the story with us. How do you feel when you are being “insulted” by Ghanaians?

Wanlov The Kubolor:
No shame, just horny

MBA: Trump sey Africa bi shithole.  What bi your mind? Or you for release track soon.

Wanlov The Kubolor: This is the first time I have ever agreed with trump.

MBA: Any business venture aside music?

Wanlov The Kubolor: I make music videos.

MBA: Now that Dumsor has stopped, is your friendship with ECG done?

Wanlov The Kubolor: I still visit them sometimes.

MBA: So, when you go go visit your people for Nsawam prisons?

Wanlov The Kubolor: You give me some people for there?

MBA: Your fans bia…?

Wanlov The Kubolor: Make dem visit me first.

MBA: Your videos you dey take iPhone shoot anaa?

Wanlov The Kubolor: Most

MBA: You get fans for cape coast ohhh. When you go go visit them ?

Wanlov The Kubolor: Make dey come awudome.

MBA: 😂😂 😂😂 Who is your favorite Ghanaian entrepreneur and why?

Wanlov The Kubolor: Ibrahim Mahama & Kufuor coz dey used government position to make money also Obinim & Otabil coz dey use Jesus to make money.

MBA: Me I hear sey women dey propose to you bunch times ohhh. Ibi true anaa

Wanlov The Kubolor:
 Yes…mostly for sex…some for children.

MBA: Charley this your track edey bee me ohh. “Libilibi labalaba Kokonsa” What was the motivation

Wanlov The Kubolor: Plastic pollution

MBA: What was your most interesting collabo?

Wanlov The Kubolor: Working with delay…we made a big hit

MBA: In 2006 how was the feeling to win the international song contest award (world) with your track “human being”

Wanlov The Kubolor: It felt like a 419 email scam

MBA: 😂😂You sure did. So, you get Kiddie of your own anaa?

Wanlov The Kubolor: No. I wan born plus becca

MBA: Eish… You get taste ohhh.

MBA: Wey country you dey feel the support de fans dey give waaa

Wanlov The Kubolor: Iraq

MBA: In your wildest dream you dey see yourself as MUSIGA President?

Wanlov The Kubolor: In my wildest dream I go deliver Obuor’s 27 months pregnancy give am.

Wey advice you get give youngsters wey them dey want do music. Especially your kind.

Wanlov The Kubolor: Sakawa be better…I know like I no stop

MBA: Thanks for the time. Thanks for being on the show.

Well youngsters you heard him, He said Sakawa would have been better for him. One thing I learnt from him is feel free to do anything you want, because he wears what he likes not influenced by others but rather the weather. ***LOL*** It’s been interesting having Kubolor on #themeetbraamuahshow.

Be Inspired & Motivated​​​

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