Valerie Adjei Mensah, UCC SRC Secretary Meets Bra Amuah


Being the SRC Secretary of a University specifically a University of Competitive Choice has not been easy aside combining academics for our guest. She rose from the position of class prefect to sectional leader to school prefect to cadet officer and now to SRC Secretary. Lets get personal with our guest today, Valerie Adjei Mensah.

Welcome to The Meet Bra Amuah show. let me take you to Spain. Amablemente cuéntanos sobre ti?

Valerie: Yaayi, Hihi. Thank you though. Let’s stick to English. It would do us both good

MBA: So, it is clear that my Spanish is better than yours. 🤣🤣 Ok Valerie, English it is. What I meant was, kindly tell us about yourself.

Valerie: Valerie Adjei Mensah is my name. A full time Ashanti 😂. Final year student University of Cape Coast. I’m a talker and I love acting.

MBA: The Asantes would say “Kasa pooley “

Valerie: Well 💁🏾😅

MBA: Valerie, how was your childhood like?

Valerie: It was boyish. My Dad brought me up like a boy. Had haircuts like a boy and all of that. He made me love reading

MBA: Why is Daddy in the military?

Valerie: Was….

Valerie: It was during my adolescent age my mom took over.

MBA: Wow. “Officer ba” Do you have plans of joining the military as well?

Valerie: Nope. My Dad is a computer programmer though. 😊

MBA: Eish… Computer programmer. Then you can equally write down some computer codes?

Valerie: Well I dropped it. Would have been a great one too though 😅💁🏾

MBA: Eii madam, don’t yob us ohhh. That was just by the way. Valerie, you are the University of Cape Coast SRC Secretary. How is the feeling. Is there not some “resh or flare” in the post.?

Valerie: Hihi “yɛbɛ yɛ no dɛn” Everything in this world depends on you. That’s why someone would put on a dress and it would look perfect another would and it won’t look too good. So, everything depends on you as an individual.  For me there’s no “reshing” as you would put it 😂

With Hon. Mustapha Hamid, Min of Information & former UCC SRC President

: That’s true though. Haha. So, tell us how your political career started?

Valerie: Way back in class 2, was class captain from there. Then it moved on to been sectional leaders and all. Then to school prefect in the secondary school, Then to cadet positions and finally to SRC secretary. It’s been a long journey

With Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom

: Madam you do all. A long journey indeed. In a short sentence, what have you learnt about leadership?

Valerie: It’s all about service. Doing what you can and knowing that God is the leader of all leaders

MBA: So, readers you heard her. She said it’s all about service. Why did you want to be elected as UCC SRC Secretary?

Valerie: Self analyzing, getting to know which office u can serve the student populace better. The reason I chose that office. Moreover, I had served as secretary for the UCC Debate Society and administrator for the Kwame Nkrumah Hall Cadet. Therefore, experience plus passion you can imagine the results.

MBA: Eiii Madam Val, I admire your passion for leadership related activities. More grease✊🏾

Valerie: Thanks, dear

MBA: Our sources indicate that you beat your opponent by name “Mzmay” during the election only with a slight margin. Tell us how the feeling was before the results were declared. How is your relationship still with “Mzmay” currently?

Valerie: Yes, it was a tight competition. It was one of the greatest anticipation of my life and yes my opponent is not my enemy. 😊

MBA: Haha. I like that, “one of the greatest anticipation of my life.” So you are the secretary for the Tony Henry Arthur administration. So far how would you access the administration?

Valerie: It’s been a rough and smooth ride but until we hand over the baton that is when I can fully access us, for now we are on the right track

MBA: Valerie. Are you a Dadaba or Mamaba?

Valerie: Both

MBA: Lets me rephrase well. Are you a Dadabee or would I say in twi “wo tirim yɛ wo dɛ anaa”? You had everything at your disposal at childhood?

Valerie: Hihi I’m from hard core. 😂 That place that in JHS 3 we cook food for u and give u money for water. I’m not from an extremely rich background. We are a comfortable family

MBA: Ose hard core 🤣🤣🤣 What sport do you do Madam Secretary? You made mention you are an actor. Tell us more.

Valerie: ermm football. 😂 I did a little bit of theater studies for two years and that department brought that imitative nature in me.

MBA: What plays have you acted so far?

Valerie: They include: Not now darling, Firestorm, Akete the King, Kweku Ananse plays, Church plays and others the tittles have escaped me.

MBA: 🙌🏾🙌🏾you are doing marvelous things ohhh. Big ups. Let me be plain here. Valerie are you single and searching? My Bluetooth is on ohh


Valerie: 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 I’m hooked up 😂 😂 😂 😂

MBA: My inquisitive readers want to know about him ohhh😎😎

Valerie: MBA, “Ese wo ara” 😂 😂

MBA: What’s your take on the phrase “what a man can do, a woman can do and do it better”?

Valerie: Well that is someone’s opinion looking at critically it all comes back to the fact that if you put your mind to something you can do it and do it better.

MBA: So, can you do better than what a man can do?

Valerie: It’s a mindset and favourable factors put together.

MBA: Madam Secretary you still haven’t answered my question ohhh?

Valerie: I have

MBA: I am MBA (a man) you are Val (a woman). I can hold one gallon and walk through the principal streets of Cape Coast bare chested to buy fuel 🙈🙈😂😂😂🕺🏽, can you do same?

Valerie: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Sure, thing if the factors favours me.

MBA: You go talk true. Aden aaa if the factors favor you. 🤣🤣 Val you’ve done great stuffs since childhood. What do you have to tell youngsters out there.

Valerie: Focus on what you can and remember you are special the way you are.

We all can see, she’s a Daddy’s girl

MBA: Any favorite food?

Valerie: I love fufu

MBA: For my final question I would say what are the pros and cons of being a UCC SRC Secretary, please tell us the gospel truth and nothing but the truth. 😎😎

Valerie: Well as the administrative head of the body, putting together documents and been on the lookout is not easy but then you always have to make sure students have information. As a secretary you have to be the unifier where ever you find yourself. So that there would be cooperation and your work would be easy.

MBA: You have indeed met Bra Amuah today. Thanks for gracing the show for us. We appreciate.

Valerie: Thanks, yes I have. Its been an honour on the show as well. Keep up with the good work. ✊🏾✊🏾

This has been a fruitful interview with Valerie Adjei Mensah, UCC SRC Secretary. The road has been clear for her since she decided to be focused and believe in herself. Till we meet net time Au revior.

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