Theophilus Saki Sosi -Journalist & Public Speaker Meets Bra Amuah


Today on the show we have a fine gentleman by name Theophilus Saki Sosi. He was a former Central Regional NUGS president, a former UCC Debate Society President, former UCC SRC Public Relations Officer and eventually the Host of the captivating and interesting campus show A week on Campus as well as the morning breakfast show on ATL FM. Meet your Journalist and Public Speaker. Lets have an exclusive chat with him.

MBA: Welcome to The Meet Bra Amuah Show, to break the ice tell us about yourself.

Sosi: I am Theophilus Sosi. Most people call me Sosi. I am a simple guy taking one day at a time.

MBA: Haha. Simple guy you say. So, I can call you Sosi right. Or you have a nickname?

Sosi: Yes, you can call me Sosi. Sadly, I have not had the privilege of a nickname. I think it is because the name Sosi is very short, simple and unique.

MBA: That’s cool. So Sosi let’s get personal, tell me about your family and childhood.

Sosi: Errm…I am from a wonderful family of five. My parents and two siblings. I have an elder Sister and a junior brother. They are some of the most amazing and supportive people you will ever meet. Childhood was fun although I was much introverted at the time.

MBA: Your position among your siblings is trying to swerve my next question. But still I will ask, Are you a “mamaba”?

Sosi: Lol. 🤣🤣🤣. I honestly don’t know where this question is coming from but the answer is a big no. Lol…I have a fantastic relationship with my mother. She is a wonderful parent and friend but I am not mamaba.

MBA: 🤣🤣🤣. Anyway, this is the gentleman whose voice you’ve been hearing on the Atlantic wave on ATL FM every morning on 100.5 mhz. I would like to know how you ended up on radio.

Sosi: Radio Radio Radio…it happened in an interesting fashion. The story is very long anyway.  But to summarize, I had always been looking for an opportunity to contribute my quota to development as well as make an impact. And I want to say a big thank you to Mr. Kwabena Antwi Konadu and Mr. Kofi Konadu for giving me the chance. When it comes to radio, I am highly indebted to these two gentlemen.

MBA: Wow. God bless those gentlemen for giving you that opportunity. My readers would have loved to hear the story. Anyway, Theophilus what’s your next move with radio? Are we going to have the next Richard Dela Sky, Kojo Yankson, or the late KABA in the embodiment of Theophilus Sosi?

Sosi: Well my mentors for radio are actually Bernard Avle of Citi FM, Kwame Sefa Kayi of Peace FM and Mary Ama Bawa of ATL FM. Of course, I am relatively new in this competitive and demanding field, as a result these people provide a good model. I am hoping to do radio for as long as I can because the impact of radio conversations cannot be underestimated.

MBA: Sosi, I think UCC should be very grateful for your service. In the position of Debate Society President, SRC Public Relations Officer and eventually the Host of the captivating and interesting campus show. “A week on Campus ” aired on ATL FM every Saturday at 7:30 pm. Charley boss you do all. Anyway, tell us something little during your tenure as SRC Public Relations Officer.

Sosi: Well I don’t know if anyone should be grateful. I just did my job. That was the first-time a PRO had been elected for the SRC hence there was a need to leave a brand-new legacy for the office. The team and I set out to combine both the traditional communication platforms as well as the emerging digital platforms. It was a fine experience. I am glad the review about my time in office has been largely positive. The credit largely goes to the hardworking and innovative people I worked with.

Being awarded as the UCC Student Presenter @ the SRCChoiceAwards’17

MBA: Based on reviews concerning your tenure in office, most of your fans boast of your eloquence and great debating skills. Did you develop that from Senior High School? In fact, what SHS did you attend.

Sosi: I learnt a lot in Mfantsipim School. The school gives holistic training and I think a lot of people find their identities there. No doubt, the school has contributed to my persona as well as some skills I obtained from class and clubs like the WDC(Writers & Debators Club). But Publicity committee was very solid. Without them, nothing would have been done.

MBA: Wow. Looks like it wasn’t only academics in KwaBotwe. Theophilus I witnessed a program you (Standard PR) organized in collaboration with NUGS UCC dubbed “Start Right – What I wish I knew before matriculation” That brings me to my next question, what is Standard PR about?

Sosi: Well Standard PR is an emerging Communication and Public Relations Consultancy. There is still a lot of work to be done. If it was a building, it will be a very uncompleted one. But I work with a team of passionate young people who want to revolutionize Communication and PR in Ghana. As a team, we have also made it a commitment to reach out to other young people through very educative programmes we usually brand as “Standard Talk”. In February this year, we have had the first Standard Talk for the year with a very amazing speaker.

Young KwaBotwe Sosi 😂😂😂

MBA: So how do you see Standard PR Years to come.

Sosi: We want to make a substantial impact not just in Africa but on the global front. This ambition keeps the team awake every day. You can not underestimate the role of communication in the development of society.

MBA: Who is that wonderful flower that is preventing you from hanging out with your guys on Friday nights?

Clean Ghana Ambassador Show

Sosi: Lol…I don’t know where you are getting that misleading information from. As a matter of fact, I am the one who brings the guys together because they usually have the hands and plates full. I don’t have a wonderful flower as you put it. But I have amazing friends both male and female. I try to surround myself with positive people.

MBA: Boys dey yob ohhh, so you mean you are single and available?

Sosi: Lol…well I shall prefer to keep that very private. Yeah for now.

MBA: Boys that 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sosi: Hahaha

MBA: If you were given the opportunity to have an exclusive with any political figure in Ghana who would it be and why?

Sosi: Well truth is, I have not given so much thought to that. But I am not so enthused with the political class. As a matter of fact, I think they receive so much attention for doing little. I am excited by interactions with young and ordinary people doing extraordinary things, placing Ghana on the map.

MBA: I can see some patriotism in here. Positive guy. Any last words for young ones out there.

Sosi: This question just made me feel very old. I am also a very young person. I just feel that the future is ours for the taking but it begins today. I heard somewhere, that the future is not a date that is yet to come, but it is what we decide to create. We can’t live in the old lie that we are the future leaders, we are also leaders of today.
We are also organizing a program dubbed STANDARD TALK on leadership and communication on the 24th of February, 2018 at the UCC SMS Auditorium 3pm prompt. Speakers include: myself and Bernard Avle of Citi FM. I would urge everyone to make it a point to be there. Tickets go for just GH₵10.00. For further enquires Call 0264939965 or 0542395609

MBA: Any social media pages to connect with you?

Sosi: @SakiSosi on twitter, Saki Sosi on Facebook

MBA: And for Standard PR?

Sosi: We have an fb page, with the same name

It’s been a fruitful interview with Theophilus Sosi. He makes us aware that Intelligence, knowledge or experience are important and might get you a job, but strong communication skills are what will get you promoted. Thanks for making time with us. Au revior.




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