Many of you might have heard about Sir Article, but to those who haven’t Sir Article, who goes by the name Allan K. Buah, is basically a 21-year-old writing entrepreneur.  He is the Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications or Sirclecomm. A start-up writing firm based in Sekondi-Takoradi which provides writing services which generally include blogging, publishing, proofreading/editing, publicity, copywriting/ghost writing, memes.. As a UCC dropout, Sircle Communications has been his utmost priority.

Why the dropout? yeah, “Its a serious distin” In series of Radio interviews Sir Article says he did that in order to control his own destiny as well as wanting to become a full-time writing entrepreneur. “Sirclecomm’s corporate vision is also too big to be shared with academic studies.” – says Allan K. Buah in an interview on

You might call him all you want to but i see Allan to be a rare gem. its been one year since Allan took that decision,  I guess you would be eager to know what he has been up to. In one of his interviews  he spells out that the future is all about building a writing empire on the global stage. Keeping up with Sir Article on social media, his writing business is ongoing.

In one of his articles he spells out his 3 biggest concerns.

***Concern 1: Ending up in Hell***

***Concern 2: Failing to Achieve My Vision in Life before I Die***

***Concern 3: Getting Divorced in Future***


In another article he also tells us why he is deeply concerned about mental disorder and the fact that he might end up marrying a Clinical Psychologist instead. You might call him crazy but I see it that Sir Article really understands the “Can-Do-Spirit”


The one year journey hasn’t been easy at all. During this journey I have been employed as a Sales Assistant and Guard at a Book Depot – Sir Article said in a Facebook post

Essentially, I seek to gain a great deal of practical experience in the book trade as a writing entrepreneur — it would make me technically competent to manage my writing firm efficiently. I would read a lot of books consistently, comfortably, and almost free.

Okay, the cardinal reasons why I have now been employed as a sales assistant and guard at a book depot are as follows:

Do not expect me to work for 1 year or more as a Sales Assistant and Guard at the bookshop — it is actually temporary. In fact, I will drop this job after learning invaluable lessons and making giant strides with my writing firm.

During this year several challenges have cropped up. Paramount among them is Financial constraints. People are reluctant to finance my writing firm, subtly because I’m a University dropout. I would describe my best experience during the journey as when I got interviewed by Abeiku Santana on Okay FM in February this year.

On the contrary my worst would be when I sought financial supports from several people at a go in July ending but almost all of them disappointed me.

11th September 2017 happened to be Sir Article’s birthday. In a Facebook post he said:

” Today is my 21st birthday and Sirclecomm’s 1st anniversary! Yes, 21 years of hardships and 1 year of daring exploits — that’s the twin-story of Sir Article and Sircle Communications. We will always be rare breed regardless of what people think and say. Our hustle continues, and our vision is on course.”

I would like to wish Allan all the best in his endeavours.

You can check out  Sir Article’s Blog or contact him via social media @sirarticle