ProDiGy – Student and Rapper Meets Bra Amuah


Today on the show we have a rapper. He says he does all kinds of rap. Meet Nana Gyamfi Adusei alias ProDiGy.

MBA: Welcome to The Meet Bra Amuah show. let me take you to Spain. Amablemente cuéntanos sobre ti?

ProDiGy: Thank you bro. My spanish is not good, so all I get is the welcome. Which I will say thank you Bra Amuah.

MBA: Haha. Back in the days when we were in Spain. Where were you. Anyway, I meant kindly do tell us about yourself.

ProDiGy: I think I was in a game center. Anyway, my name is Nana Gyamfi Adusei, a student of University of Cape Coast, level 400 now, a rapper too, cool guy, only my thoughts make noise. Guess that sums it up.

MBA: Playing Mario Cart I guess. That’s nice. I like rappers. There are very creative. Let’s delve more into that. Why rapping?

ProDiGy: Before I took rapping serious, it was just a means to having fun with the boys. But later on, it become more like a therapy for me, from the expression to being real and funny all in one place (rap). Like you said, the creative part is also awesome, so its rapping because apart from people liking it, I enjoy it too, every bit of it.

MBA: That’s great. So what kind of rap do you do?

ProDiGy: For that I haven’t settled anywhere yet, I just do rap, so if I jump on afrobeat, I will rap, dancehall I will rap, highlife, gospel, conscious, gangsta rap I’m all in. So, for now I will just say rap

MBA: Rap it is. So, any stage name or nick name as a rapper?

ProDiGy: Yes, ProDiGy it is.

MBA: Eish. Case Sensitive all dey inside. So, any meaning or story behind it?

ProDiGy: Ermm, I chose this name when I wanted to come out as a rapper, so I searched, no name, watched one movie and the guy was called Prodi-G. So, I thought was an actual word, so I run to the dictionary and I found Prodigy. The meaning was good, so I just grabbed it and like they say names have an effect on its carrier. The case sensitive was to just make mine stand out, nothing more 😂

MBA: And the meaning is?

ProDiGy: Someone with special skills, exceptional.

MBA: So, Ronaldo and Messi who is a ProDiGy?

ProDiGy: Hmm I can never pick unless I’m being sentimental about it but they both are ProDiGies, they have special skills, and stand out in their own way. Charlie you can never choose one.

MBA: Look at this guy ohhh. He says you can’t choose. Do you want their fans to attack you? Haha anyway so ProDiGy how was your childhood like. My readers are eager to know.

ProDiGy: Childhood was booring!! I was kept indoor by my mum, she worked at home and since she was busy, she locked us in so she can keep an eye on us. We had to lie just to go play ball, or run around, All tv tv tv, so childhood was really boring. I was that predictable, like when you come to my house I’m there, nowhere else.

MBA: So, while indoors were you a video game addict or movie addict?

ProDiGy: Serious Movie addict.

MBA: Okay. Great. So what stages or platforms have you performed on?

ProDiGy: No big stage yet, been on a couple of UCC programs, hall weeks. But no big stage yet, got a few lined up, so when we get on those you will know.

MBA: Sure. We will be glad to know. So, ProDiGy where can we connect with you on social media.? Any tracks or raps you wanna share with my readers via social media?

ProDiGy: Yes, I got this new tune the Man, a very great afro tune. You can listen at And you can connect with me, Facebook is ProDiGy Gh Twitter is @ProDiGy_o and Instagram Is @prod_wip and I will be dropping a freestyle soon , so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

MBA: Sharp bro. Tell us about the ups and downs, the good and bad in the industry. We are all ears.

ProDiGy: For my stage now as an underground rapper, the ups and good very few, downs and bad are something else. You have to get people to listen to you, believe in what you represent, to getting it played at shows or radio stations. Recording studio fees, a lot of hard falls you know, since you now trying to make a statement out there you know.

MBA: And what do you think amounts to that. Is it the individual or society or anything else?

ProDiGy: I would say we have roles to play, as society and individuals. Because first you the individual chose the path, so you to take the burden that comes with it and as society, we got to widen our circles more, if our taste of music is rigid and never changing to accept more bloods we will always be behind and be late to the party. But then I wouldn’t be too sure because am not really in the scene so I can’t just say whatever you get me. But then, from what I sit now, that’s what I can say.

MBA: Your opinion is duly noted. Who is your favourite rapper though?

ProDiGy: Just 1 is going to be war.

MBA: Haha. So, who are your favourite rappers?

ProDiGy: I will close my eyes a just pick J.cole

MBA: No open your eyes😂

ProDiGy: Notorious B.I.G, 2pac, 50cent, Ice cube, Dr.dre, Kendrick Lamar, J.cole, Logic, I got manifest in there, Sarkodie, EL, CReal, Kojo cue & shaker. Long list

MBA: I can see you not a reggae dancehall person?

ProDiGy: Not really, but I like stonebwoy. Don’t know if kelvinbwoy is into dancehall still or not, if he is I like him too.

MBA: So, it’s Bhim over SM? ProDiGy which country do you see winning the world cup?

ProDiGy: BHIM all day. I think Germany

MBA: So what words do you have to tell rappers starting up like you?

ProDiGy: We should keep improving and working hard every day, because when the opportunity pops up, we will have to be ready and this thing is a game of win or loss. Some will make it big, some won’t. We playing a game of chance so we should work hard and prepare for the future

MBA: A game of chance indeed. So, ProDiGy, if you were a Minister in charge of Arts and Entertainment what policies would you implement in place?

ProDiGy: Tough one. Will it be strange I say, I can’t come up with any upfront?

MBA: Do u need some lashes to heat you up? I thought you are going to identify challenges in the industry and use you’re the outfit of your office to solve them?

ProDiGy: identifying challenges in the Industry and solving them is a way. But am not fully into the Industry, but where I stand now, I will say royalties. They will be paid paaa.

MBA: Well noted. Any last words?

ProDiGy: People keep talking about chase your dreams which is cliché. Whatever you enjoy doing, try to be outstanding. Read wide and do research. Don’t be an average version of the best thing you are supposed to be. Because if it’s your talent or passion then it actually means you are expected to be outstanding with it. To whom much is given, great are expectations of him. Challenge yourself and keep practicing. Talent is but without practice, it won’t be perfect. Then average sets in. And the God factor. We all play different roles. He blesses us with different talents. Some are pastors, some he blessed to be art makers. So, we need him to direct us and to keep increasing our talent.

MBA: Thanks a lot for your time. It’s being great having you on #themeetbraamuahshow. We wish you the best as well.

ProDiGy: Thank you too, pleasure speaking with you.




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