Peggy Dzifa Owusu – CEO of Smashy Clothing Meets Bra Amuah


Today on the show we have a young lady by name Peggy Dzifa Owusu who shares with us her entrepreneurship journey as a fashion designer. Be inspired and motivated.

MBA: Welcome to #themeetbraamuahshow. Kindly let us know who you are?

Peggy: I am Owusu Peggy Dzifa, the CEO of Smashy – A clothing firm.

MBA: Oh great. Smashy! The name though. What kind of clothing though if I may ask?

Peggy: All kinds of clothing, casual, official, gowns, cocktail… You name it

MBA: So why that name Smashy? What are you smashing?

Peggy: 😄😄 we are “smashying” your look. Smashy is a synonym for excellent or without fault and we are basically saying that we make you look without fault. The name because that’s what we offer.

MBA: That’s positive. So how did it all start?

Peggy: That’s actually an interesting story. So, as the saying goes necessity is the mother of invention. I remember after I got admission to the university, I only had about 3 outing attires and I had no idea where I was going to be getting clothing for school. One morning I had to come and do my manual registration and I was so down with clothing it wasn’t funny anymore so I walked into my mum’s room, dug into her old suit case and found some very old fabrics (cover cloth to her old kaba and slits) My mum is a seamstress so I had all the resources to try my hands on something, that’s how it all started

MBA: This is interesting. Your name looks like Ashanti-Ewe. Where do you come from? Kindly tell us about your family as well.

Peggy: Well, my mum is Ewe and my dad is Ashanti. That explains the Owusu and Dzifa. I am the third born from 6 children, second girl. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Grew up with a single mother.

MBA: Good to know. So, did you learn the cloth making from your mum or you went to a school.?

Peggy: I haven’t been to a clothing making school yet. I guess I picked it up from my mum, the thing is I never really learnt it, watching her do it over the years kinda helped.

MBA: Then you are very quick in learning. Kindly tell my lovely readers about your childhood?

Peggy: I was born at Mataheko in the greater Accra region, lived there with the family till I was 4 and then moved to Gbawe until I turned 8 then I moved to Mallam. Lived there for a while (quite short while) and now I am settled in Awoshie.  Have lived in Awoshie for a little over 15 years. I attended Gbawe preparatory then Patvid new generation (laterbiokorshie) then St. Theresa’s preparation school at North Kaneshie. Remained in St. Theresa’s from class 4 till I completed and moved on to Achimota secondary school.

MBA: Achimota, then you are a Dbee ohhh. They are noted for that. Peggy how has the journey as an entrepreneur been so far.?

Peggy: 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄are you sure about that. It’s been a very smooth road for me. I took it one step at a time and I very much enjoy what I do so am loving my entrepreneurial life and journey. The only challenging thing might be trusting others with my work. I always want my products spot on and because of that I can’t trust anyone to do my work like I do.

MBA: let’s talk about the challenges. Are you also those cloth makers who when they schedule time for pickup they turn to escalate it due to some other excuses?

Peggy: 😄😄😄😄 not at all. Luckily for me I am not like that. I always tell the new clients who try to call every day to remind you of their deliveries that “I never disappoint”. I thank God for the strength He has blessed me with. If I won’t be able to deliver will let you know and sometimes not even take the order at all but once I take it, I deliver.

MBA: Impressive then. What’s has been one of your joyous moments in the journey of entrepreneurship.

Peggy: Seeing my clients looking beautiful in their smashy garments gives me some sort of fulfilling joy. It’s a feeling I can’t fully explain.

MBA: Haha. I can relate. Madam motown, how is your love life. Are you single, attached, married, etc?

Peggy: I am attached. He is actually the one managing me. Very supportive

MBA: That’s lovely to hear. The readers are inquisitive to hear his name ohhh.

Peggy: 😄😄😄😄 They will hear it in the next season..hahahha

MBA: 😂😂😂 Peggy how can we reach you when we want to place an order?

Peggy: You can call me on 0545661430 or 0540615490 or you can reach my manager on 0572700941.

You can also reach us on IG – smashy_design, FB – smashy design, Twitter – @smashydesign

MBA: Great great. So, Peggy how many people do you employ?

Peggy: Well at the moment I work alone but will have about 1000 employees in the near future, that’s for sure

MBA: Wow. So, you do all by yourself. What are some of your portfolios?

Peggy: As in…?

MBA: People you’ve worked for.

Peggy: Students (from basic to tertiary) service personnel, lawyers, doctors (both by book and profession), teachers, middle class workers, Foreigners.

MBA: Haha then basically everyone. But do you have some celebs you’ve worked for?

Peggy: Sadly, not yet. But “smallest time”

MBA: Where are you situated?

Peggy: I’m at Awoshie abranteɛ

MBA: At what moment did you think of quitting and how did you bounce back

Peggy: Quitting my sewing…?

MBA: Yeah.

Peggy: I have never thought of that or considered it

MBA: You mean no down moment?

Peggy: Nope. I would never think of quitting … The problem will be me not wanting to design things for some people anymore. There are some people, no matter what you do or how well you do it, they never appreciate it and still create faults and complaints.

MBA: Great. Peggy who do you see winning the FIFA World Cup 2018.?

Peggy: 😄😄😄😄 this year’s world cup season has been full of surprises so I would rather wait and see.

MBA: Haha. But what’s your favourite team?

Peggy: Any team that wins😎

MBA: Are you part of any association related to sewing?

Peggy: No am not

MBA: What role do you think government can play in the sewing industry in terms of skill development?

Peggy: I think that it doesn’t really depend on the government, it depends on the individual and how ready they are to learn. There are a number sewing firms in the country but productivity is still low and I think it’s because of the individuals.

MBA: This current government said it will focus on business development, hence my question.

Peggy: The best the government can do is to get the young ones more firms and materials perhaps at a cheaper price. I know some individuals who have been learning how to sew for years by only because they are not really dedicated to the work (it’s not a passion) they are still struggling with the basics so it all boils down to the individual.

MBA: Great point made. Since you talking about individuals, what advise do you have for young individuals out there who want to follow their passion.

Peggy: That you can only really excel in the field you are most comfortable with. If it’s really your passion, fight for it and work as hard as you can to promote that passion or dream so as to attract others to it. It may be hard but do not give up on your dreams, just work harder

MBA: How should we see Smashy Clothing firm in the next 5 years.

Peggy: That big thing in Ghana and all over Africa.

MBA: Nice. Before we rap up who is your role model and why?

Peggy: The Future “me” is my role model because I aspire to attain “her” greatness. Its eluding but I will make great strides to being like her, that’s for sure

MBA: Eiiii motownfoɔ yi aaaa. Yate wai. Any last words?


Peggy: 😳🙈 Talent is never enough. Hard work, discipline and perseverance will get you through. Above all, look up to God.

MBA: Great. I hope the readers take up your persevering spirit. Thanks for your time on #themeetbraamuahshow. Do have a blessed day

Peggy: Thank you very much bra Amuah…most grateful for the opportunity… Have a good day too




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