Pearl Oba Acquah, CEO of AJ’s Kitchen Meets Bra Amuah


Engines are up Captain, waiting for Directives. Set courses straight ahead and locate loop. Make sure The Gig & Galley are in order. Aye Aye Captain. Ship bearing -078⁰ west, initiating structures, waiting for codes.  Engine Team ready now, keying in codes. Chain crosses stakes. Aye Aye Captain, entry validated, waiting for a rerun of validation codes only.
You got it; Welcome to The Meet Bra Amuah Show.

Today on the show we have a young forceful lady who is ready to share with us how she started her business right from home. Currently she is the CEO of AJ’s Kitchen a mini startup within the University of Cape Coast that deals with pancakes, waffles, pizza and what have you. I present to you Pearl Oba Acquah. Let’s get personal with her.


MBA: Pearl, welcome to The Meet Bra Amuah Show. Tell us about yourself, c’mon don’t be shy

Pearl: Thank you. Glad to be on the show. I’m Pearl Oba Acquah, a level 200 communication studies student of the University of Cape Coast. I’m 19.

MBA: Communication studies wow. How was your SHS life Pearl?

Pearl: It was great, although the school I attended was far from home.

MBA: Which school if I may ask?

Pearl: Kumasi Girls’.

MBA: I believe that’s where you developed your entrepreneurial skills.

Pearl: Nope. That’s not where I developed my entrepreneurial skills. It was at home.

MBA: What’s your take on gender balance in terms of entrepreneurship?

Pearl: Gender equality and female entrepreneurship are key factors in economic development, I think.

MBA: So, in plain words you are saying what a man can do a woman can do better?

Pearl: What a man can do, a woman can do. We can all do it better.

MBA: A man can spell his name when urinating, Pearl can you do that? 🤣🤣🤣

Pearl: A woman can breastfeed male and female children. MBA, can you do that?

MBA: This girl is stubborn 😂😂 wait are you the one asking the questions? Anyway, I can do that when I develop breast. 😊😊

Pearl: You and I know men can’t. Even if you do, no milk would come out.

MBA: Herh this girl. **Both laugh**. You made mention that your love for business started at home. Can you tell us more?

Pearl: My dad started his own business and encouraged my siblings and I to do same. Because you can’t work for someone forever.

MBA: Wow you would be a Daddy’s girl. Tell us about your family.

Pearl: I’m more of a mummy’s girl. I have 3 siblings. Two Fine gentlemen and a beautiful lady. My dad is an accountant and he’s into real estate as well. My mother deals in household appliances.

MBA: You would be a “Dada Bee” ohhh or should I say “Mama Bee”. Pearl what was your first business and how did you make it?

Pearl: I started selling pancakes in my neighborhood after I completed JHS in 2013.

Pearl: But I stopped when I entered the Senior High School.

MBA: Why if I may ask. Or were you shy of the “area Boys”?

Pearl: I became lazy.

MBA: Haha…. I see. But currently you are making name in UCC with AJ waffles. Kindly tell us all about it, don’t leave one word.

Pearl: It’s not AJ’s waffles anymore though. Changed the name to AJ’s kitchen because we’ll be making waffles, pancakes and pizza. I was home during the long vacation and decided to start something in school. So, I decided to make waffles.

MBA: AJ’s kitchen it is. What the meaning of AJ? how has business been so far?

Pearl: It’s the A and J in Adjoa. Business has been good.

MBA: Oh cool. Adjoa. Just good? Has there been any challenges?

Pearl: None so far.

MBA: You should be a lucky chap. So, what’s the way forward with AJ’s Kitchen.

Pearl: I’m working hard to make it bigger.

MBA: Concerning challenges, don’t you think combining academics with it has been stressful?

Pearl: Not really. I work during weekends

MBA: That’s a good move.

Pearl: Merci

MBA: Pearl so who is that guy who prevents you from hanging out with your girls on Friday night. In fact, how do you call him. Sweetie, honey?

Pearl: Jesus

MBA: Eish….Ok let me ask again. Pearl are you dating?

Pearl: No please

MBA: So, you are single and available? 😊😊

Pearl: Single and single

MBA: Oh, madam so I can’t even bring my application? 😅

Pearl: No 😂 😂 😂 😂

MBA: My school motto tells me Omnia Vincit Labor – Perseverance Conquers All. I will still persevere madam.

Pearl: 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

MBA: Anyway, who is your role model and why.?

Pearl: My mom is. Because she’s very generous and loving

MBA: Aww…. “Mama Bee” indeed. I believe there are people out there who will be inspired by your story. So, Pearl, what can you tell them as a young entrepreneur?

Pearl: Believe in yourself, simple as that. You might get an idea and people are going to tell you, you can’t do it and it’s not going to work. Pay no attention to them. Go for it

MBA: Simple as that readers, you heard the madam. Believe in yourself and go for it. So how can one reach you if he or she needs the services of AJ’s Kitchen?

Pearl: or Instagram @ajs.kitchen_

Pearl: Call us on 0504-991-090, 0547-306-465, 0574-414-221 and 0272-101-413

MBA: That’s great. Any last words for my readers?

Pearl: They should all taste our waffles, pancakes and pizza this semester.

MBA: Haha they will surely do so. On this note I will like to thank you for your time. It’s been great having you on the show. One thing I’ve learnt is that if you have an idea, just believe in yourself and go for it.

Pearl: Thanks MBA ☺

MBA: 😊😊😊


Like MBA does it, he unearths the great. You’ve heard it all, from selling pancakes in her neighborhood, she has risen to become CEO of AJ’s kitchen. Keep in mind that if you have an idea, just believe in yourself and go for it. Till we meet next time on the show its bye for now. Be good 😊😊😊

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