OIF Ambassador, Afia Ayeyi Yiadom Boakye Wishes To Meet Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo


Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) or Brittle Bone Disease is a genetic disorder that makes the bones of an individual break easily with little trauma or without any apparent reason. The term Osteogensis imperfect simply means Imperfect Bone Formation.

The major cause of OI is when there is a mutation (change) in a gene that affects the bone formation, bone strength and the structure of other tissues in an individual. Both male and females in all racial groups can be affected with this condition and the severity ranges from mild, moderate to severe.

In an interview with OIF Ambassador, Afia Ayeyi Yiadom Boakye by TV3’s Portia Gabor.
We get to know how Afia lives her life, dances and sings perfectly. 7 year old Ayeyi says “disability is not inability”

Ayeyi’s golden wish is to meet Ghana’s first lady – Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo
She wants to give Mummy Rebecca a hug and also speak to her about OIF Ghana.

Ayeyi is a blessing to her family, says her Mum. She encourages families who have such a condition never to give up and keep trusting in the Lord. Ayeyi says she will love to keep her hair because it gives her the energy to sing, dance and stand. Currently OIF Ghana is being run by her family.

Let’s all share Ayeyi story till it reaches Mummy Rebecca.

OIF Ghana can be contacted via
P.O.Box AD47, Cape Coast, Ghana

+233 (0) 24-466-9512
+233 (0) 557-953-007

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