Nii Lante Mills – Managing Director of SCRIBES Meets Bra Amuah


So, SCRIBES actually mean Speaking Christ Redemption In Biblically Edified Speech. It’s a group of young Christians who are gifted to write, be it poetry, articles, short stories and what have you. Ladies and gents today we are privileged to have the boss-man himself, Emmanuel Nii Lante Mills.

MBA: Let’s go french today. Bienvenue Monsieur, veuillez nous parler de vous?

Nii Lante: Yh, Oh but french. “I dey beg” 😂Je n’est parle francais. I doubt its correct.

MBA: 🤣🤣🤣I think English would be fine. I meant welcome, kindly tell us about yourself

Nii Lante: Okay so I am Emmanuel Nii Lante Mills, a graduate from University of Ghana, Legon and currently doing my service with Pragma solutions. I love writing and public speaking from which I have formed a group called SCRIBES. My aim in life is to be a philanthropist and a monetary economist.

MBA: Interesting introduction. Can I call you Nii Lante?

Nii Lante: Yhup

MBA: You said you love writing, public speaking and have formed a group called SCRIBES. Tell us all about it Nii Lante.

Nii Lante: Okay. So, SCRIBES actually mean Speaking Christ Redemption In Biblically Edified Speech. It’s a group of young Christians who are gifted to write, be it poetry, articles, short stories and what have you. It started somewhere last year in Legon and has had its maiden program called Scripts On Scrolls.

MBA: SCRIBES, SCRIBES, SCRIBES. how did it come to existence.?

Nii Lante: Well, let me say a vision, I had while in level 200. I used to blog back then and aside my peripheral knowledge, people use to take my work so I decided to put a hold on that. But in that midst, God just gave me an idea which will sharpen me as well as sharpen others to be confident in writing as well as presenting in public. So, I will say through a vision and by means of social media, I sent out a request for people interested and that’s it.

MBA:  Positive. So, you are the Boss man of SCRIBES. Do you guys charge for your services, my readers want to know.

Nii Lante: We wouldn’t say charge. Let’s call it an appreciation of gift for now. We are yet to register as a business consulting venture where we will do doing any form of writing services as well as consulting.

MBA: Haha… Appreciation of gift. What’s the long-term plan of SCRIBES?

Nii Lante: Errm, we want to grow into a consulting firm and widen our scope of writing too. So even research et al. We will be doing services in that regard. We will also be doing anything book. Bookmarks, authoring books etc

MBA: That’s positive. Emma, tell us about your Senior High School experience.

Nii Lante: Errm so I schooled in Saint Augustine’s College in Cape Coast and been in that school was one of the best things to happen to me. Simply put, I learnt how to be a great server upon serving my house as Prefect and President for Business Club. It made me see the potential in me aside the flaws. I also made great friends there who still are more than brothers to me. But hey, it wasn’t all that easy. Form 1 can’t be easily forgotten with all the punishments but I know it was all good.

MBA: So, I believe SHS prepared you for the world. About punishments in Form 1, did you also punish students when you were a prefect. My readers would also like to know your nickname.

Nii Lante: Lol. Oh yes, I did. I really did and nickname was blackboy_nii because I was dark.

MBA: Emma let me make this plain. Are you single?

Nii Lante: Haha…yes I am but there is someone I am pursuing at the moment. Hoping it goes well

MBA: “Abakade “✊🏾✊🏾 Fine boy like you why won’t it go well. “You get sistos, link me erhhh? I’m also searching.

Nii Lante: Haha…oh yes. No fears kraa

MBA: That’s what I’m talking about. Readers, I’m getting hooked up ohh🕺🏽🕺🏽 you can also see him. Haha. Who is your role model and why if I may ask?

Nii Lante: Errm Ps. Albert Ocran of Spring board. He is a good communicator, an influential and motivational person. That’s what I see myself doing.

MBA: Emma you are doing something great and impacting lives. Kudos. I believe Ps. Albert would be proud of you. What can you say to inspire others out there?

Nii Lante: Thanks a lot bro. So, this is something important I wrote some time back. There are two basic things in life as a youth. It’s either you make yourself or you find yourself. Making yourself means going the extra mile of building that dream so if you want to be an Accountant, you can make yourself by writing ACCA, learning from online tutorials, other languages and what have you, but finding yourself means, looking within to see the gift or talent in you. God has placed in everyone a gift or talent. If you are able to discover it, wealth will not be a constraint.  I found my gift of writing and I have had a lot of great opportunities’ and still yet to. I just want to encourage u to look within, find that gift and explore it to the world. Never be worried about the money to push it, wisdom will show you ways. So, find yourself and let the world hear of joy.

MBA: Emma this is powerful. I’m already inspired. What was your childhood dream work?

Nii Lante: I have always loved banking from childhood. Well, as impossible as it may sound, I dreamt of having my own bank soon. Emmi bank 😀 and so many others

MBA: Wild aspirations. That’s the spirit. Any upcoming events from SCRIBES this 2018?

Nii Lante: Yeah. We have a bible conference this March 10th and also our annual poetry program on 23rd September called Scripts on Scrolls

MBA: Let me do small “kokonsa” I heard that way back in SHS you shocked the stage with your dancing skills by representing your house in one of your Inter House variety nights’. Boss do you still dance? I want to learn some moves.

Nii Lante: **laughs** I don’t dance anymore but I still can dance though. Good times back then😂😂😂

MBA: That’s positive. Is it free or tickets available?

Nii Lante: Oh, all is free. Well for this year

MBA: Where is it going to be?

Nii Lante: All in University of Ghana. Specific venues not confirmed yet.

MBA: That’s cool. Readers you heard him, it’s on the 10th of March 2018. Any social media pages?

Nii Lante: Our Social media pages are: Scribes Poetry on Facebook, @scribes_poetry on twitter and Instagram.

MBA: Thanks for making time to be on the show.

Nii Lante: Really grateful for this opportunity to be interviewed. I will finally want to say to all, to make good use of time. Time wasted cannot be regained so make good use of your time. Start planning, preparing and most importantly praying. Your decisions now will affect your future. Be wise and always lead.

It’s been a captivating interview with Emmanuel Nii Lante Mills. One thing I learnt is your decisions now will affect your future. So, one must be wise and always lead. What about you? Adios. Have a great week.




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