Nemesis Loso – Tadi Young Rapper Meets Bra Amuah


It’s another bright week and The Meet Bra Amuah Show is here to make your week an inspiring one. Starting from bedroom freestyles to recording of demos, he can now boast of an album to his credit as well as his debut music video; Let’s get personal with Nemesis Loso – a young upcoming artiste based in Takoradi – the oil city. “asey asey”

MBA: It’s great having you on the show. Bienvenue Monsieur, veuillez nous parler de vous?

Loso: In French? 🤕🤕

MBA: The boy has forgotten his French. 😂😂I think the Education Minister should make it compulsory till SHS. 😂😂 I meant welcome, kindly tell us about yourself.

Loso: “Eno easy ooo charley😀😀😀 I no dey kai anything” I’m a young artiste based in Takoradi, my real name is Franklin and my stage name is Nemisis Loso. I just released my album by the title “GROWING UP IN AFRICA” about last two months and still have a lot of stories to tell.

MBA: The Oil City. I guess I can call you Loso.

Loso: Straight Up.

MBA: Loso tell us how your music career began.

Loso: Well! It all started from bedroom freestyles to recording of demos and now I have an album to credit… actually I started rap music professionally in the year 2016 but around 2014/2015 I used to rap as a hobby.

MBA: Wow. Bedroom freestyles indeed. So, what were you using in place of the microphone 😂😂were you also performing at SHS?

Loso: Yes, for sure. Actually, it was a great feeling performing on Saturday nights at entertainment, my first performance, I shivered, but as time went on I gained some composure on the stage. 😂😂 I used to just hop on beats with some spoilt microphone, “the mic still dey here sef eno easy ooo”

MBA: I beg keep am ohhh. You have to show it to your first born that my child “na ɔnyɛ bɛtɛɛ” (Tadi Fante)

Loso: Aswear😂😂

MBA: So what kind of music do you do?

Loso: Any kind of music but Hip-hop/Rap music forever remains my root

MBA: So, who is your favorite Ghanaian musician?

Loso: Hard to choose ooo charley

MBA: These rappers, they want to be like all the big names. Anyway, which ones do you find you could be like them or more than them?

Loso: My top five would be Samini, Sarkodie, Kofi Kinaata Manifest and Obrafuor.

MBA: You have taste ohhh. Impressive. I think I need to let them know they have a youngster looking up to them.

Loso: I would be much thankful🙏🏿🙏🏿

MBA: How has the journey being as a young up and coming artiste?

Loso: Bumpy rides all day all night, Charley de pressure no easy at all but am 100% hopeful that I will be a megastar


MBA: It’s all about determination. 🔥🔥

Loso: Doing music here with small capital in this part of the world is hell, when you not determined you will stop Charlie.

MBA: If you are to win a One million Ghana Cedis cash price, how are you going to use it to help with your music career.

Loso: Well, I will surely build a well-equipped studio, come up with a well strategized marketing plan, build a mega brand and work on myself.


MBA: Do you have some musicians in your family?

Loso: No musician in my family so I owe them greatness with my craft.

MBA: What’s your biggest performance you’ve ever done?


MBA: Share with us some challenges you’ve experienced since day 1.

Loso: Financial constraints, fellow artiste and media men disregarding you. A whole lot

MBA: How do you see the music industry in Ghana currently?

Loso: The industry is full of lies and hatred but there are still good ones in there.

MBA: What ways do you think can counter these challenges?

Loso: Very tough question.  But I think giving every artiste equal opportunities can curb it

MBA: Are you on any record label?

Loso: Not on any record label but I have an album titled: GROWING UP IN AFRICA

MBA: That’s positive. I believe you are on social media. Kindly share with my readers how they can reach you.

Loso: IG: @nemisis_Loso
TWITTER: @nemisis_loso
FACEBOOK: Nemisis Loso

MBA: Great.

Loso: Big Ups to all my real fans, they’ve shown enormous contribution to the growth of music journey. Kudos to them all

MBA: How has the patronage been in the oil city.

Loso: I will say not bad, I just feel I have to make an impact with my art here.

MBA: You are making name erhh?

Loso: Ooo small small.

MBA: It’s known to the public front that you artistes always have the fine ladies and boss chick. Please tell us who your boss chick is?

Loso: Huh for real? Well then am different. If you wouldn’t build with me from scratch, count yourself out of the enjoyment. That’s my principle.

MBA: Masa the gods are telling me you aren’t single. Who is she then?

Loso: Ooo am not single though but I don’t move with the self-acclaimed “bosschikcs” and “slayqueens”

MBA: Tadi is noted to be a chilling city. Their patronage of domestic music is very amazing. Kofi Kinaata can attest to the loyal fans. How would you describe Tadi?

Loso: Ooo Tadi dier everybody knows everyone here. Ibi nice environment to grow as a young artiste but you know “efie biaaa Mensah womu”

MBA: 😂😂so are the Mensah in yours?

Loso: 😂😂

MBA: What do you do apart from music?

Loso: I hustle

MBA: Picking snails or selling Waakye leaves?

Loso: “All dey mong ooo” 😂😂

MBA: What word of encouragement can you give to those who have the passion for music?

Loso: Don’t let anybody stop you from anything positive you doing, because if you don’t grind, you don’t shine. Stay focused and determined and trust the process

MBA: Tell us your favorite food so that we can draw the curtain down on the show.

Loso: Fante kenkey with grind pepper and fried tilapia be de ish.

MBA: Where can we get some of your music? Share some links.

Loso: //
This is the link to my latest album GROWING UP IN AFRICA

and this also is my first official music video

MBA: It’s been awesome to have an upcoming artiste on The Meet Bra Amuah Show. Thank you for the time. Loso keep the fire burning and let the sky be your staring point not your limit. Soar high Bro.

Loso: Thanks Bra Amuah. I’m honored to be on your show, I really appreciate the love.

Are you also into music, what would you have also done with One Million Ghana Cedis? Like Loso said Don’t let anybody stop you from anything positive you doing, because if you don’t grind, you don’t shine. We will meet again. Cheerio!!!!

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