Legacybase’s Michael Baffu Amuah gives his review on the “A week on Campus” show on ATL FM 100.5 MHz – The Atlantic wave. “Charley MBA eno bi 7:30pm, tune the radio make we soak Sosi erhh” that’s my roomie on Saturday evenings reminding me about the campus show. As an ardent listener, I can’t afford to miss this whenever I’m within the Cape Coast metropolis on weekends. With my glass of juice by my side i’m ready for the show.

A week on campus is an entertaining, educative, innovative and lifestyle radio show aired on ATL FM 100.5 MHz between the hours of  7:30pm to 9:00pm hosted by Theophilus Saki Sosi and his team. It basically focuses on campus life, University of Cape Coast (U.C.C) to be precise. The show is in three parts.

These are:

  1. Charley What dey Happen Segment.
  2. Personality Chat Segment.
  3. Topic of the Week Segment.

The “Charley What dey Happen Segment” basically captions various happenings on campus. This include trends, campus filla, student affairs, management affairs and what have you. Sosi and his team of intellectuals brings to us the nitty-gritties of all these happenings.

Did you know that a U.C.C student dropped out of the University to start up his own writing firm, Sircle Communications?  Well I bet you didn’t. Many Unique stories such as this are heard on the Personality Chat Segment. In this segment, Student achievers are unveiled and promoted. The likes of

  1. Dennis Larbi Ampofo – Former SRC President
  2. Abena Korkor – Student Entrepreneur
  3. Minister Navah – Artiste
  4. Rapdizzle – Artiste
  5. Esi Donrinda – Former SRC Secretary
  6. Albert Awortwi Sagoe – Former Local NUGS President
  7. Abeiku Buah (Sir Article) – Writer & Blogger
  8. Abeiku the Village Thinker – Poet

And many others have all been on this show. Thumbs up to Sosi and his team. They give opportunities for great gems on campus to be heard. Those you know and those you don’t.

Maybe MBA would be the next on the personality segment. Hahaha. Who knows.

Did you know that in U.C.C, elections are won by simple majority and not the 50 +1 in the case of University of Ghana – Legon? Student Elections on the Topic of the Week Segment can get you facts like this. This segment focuses on pressing issues affecting students. Week by week several topics are brought up for discussions.

In order to make the show interactive and not a studio affair, WhatsApp messages are allowed to be sent via 0275144949.

Summarily the show has been great on the whole. The host and his team have been on top of their game. Few challenges in my opinion would be the duration of the show. I think since it’s a weekly show and not a daily one, it should be given more air time.  Most at times, important messages from the end of listeners are not read since the time is not enough because the show has to be wrapped up. Moreover i would be glad if music played in between the show are that of #UCC Campus Artiste’s. Hope to see more great stuffs from the team. I would rate A week on campus “8” on a scale of 10.

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