Michael Baffu Amuah – Recap of KNH Presidential Debate 2018


Hello noble people of Kwame Nkrumah Hall in the University of Cape Coast, I trust you are all doing great, I, Michael Baffu Amuah of Legacybase Online Magazine witnessed the Presidential debate amidst the upcoming Kwame Nkrumah Hall JCRC elections 2018 which would take place on Tuesday, 27th March, 2018.

I present to you a recap on what I heard at the said event on the 21st of March, 2018.

The debate commenced at 5:24 pm with an open prayer. The hall anthem was sung by all. The moderator for the day Mr. Stephen E. Essel introduced the dignitaries and Chairman for the debate. The Chairman – Mr. Joseph S. Debrah then gave his response and indicated the purpose of gathering. The debate was represented by three teams in the presidential race.

They included: Team Osagyefo, Team Insaidoo, and The voice.

Team Osagyefo was being represented by Lawrence Edutuah-Asiaw – Level 300 Bach of Edu (Accounting). 0248716677 and Sarah Takyi – Level 300 Bsc. Psychology. 0509048956.

Team Insaidoo was being represented by Insaidoo Aquah – Level 200 Bach of Edu (Arts). 0247754718 and Dorcas Mokporkpor Blutty – Level 300 Bsc. Geog. and Regional Planning. 0556318701.

The Voice was being represented by Sefah Emmanuel – Level 300 B.Ed Social Science. 0245106033. and Kate Rocklin Omane – Level 200 B.Ed Management 0271963296.

Introductions were done by all three aspirants.

Q1. What are your visions or what do you wish to achieve when you assume office?

The Voice
Reduction of number of Ladies from 8 to 6 in the room.
Extension of WiFi to various rooms.
Provision of Airtel Tigo Data sim to provide 1.5GB of data every month.
Repairs of faulty fans.

Team Insaidoo
Completion of Hybrid library.
Restocking of the library.
Regular Health screening of inmates ***Writer*** Mr. Insaidoo Are we prisoners? How can you call us inmates. Masa Masa.
Tackle the issue of Bed bugs.
Skill training for women.
Establishment of Relationship talks and Social talks for women.

Team Osagyefo
Setting up a fund to aid affiliates to pay school fees.
Setting up a Health fund to aid those who may fall sick and can’t settle their bills.
Tilling of one block.
Change of mattress in the rooms.
Establishing women programmes Every month.

Q2.  According to Article 12 – Section 1 of the JCRC constitution. Executives are responsible for coordinating and executing policies of the hall based on the 3 year strategic plan. How would you ensure that JCRC duties are executed to achieve that policy?

Team Insaidoo
We would use the presidential power to coordinate affairs within the executives to execute their duties.

Team Osagyefo
We would play the supervisor role as well as appoint the right people for the job. Also setting up various committees in the hall to come together to achieve set goals.

The Voice
We would coordinate with appointees to work concurrently to achieve set goals. More over we will involve the necessary people within the management and senior colleagues.

Q3. How would you solve the issue of student or affiliates who don’t attend hall related programs or activities?

The Voice.
Publicity by organizers.
Education on the significance of the programs being organised.

Team Insaidoo
Get closer to the people.
Development of app.

Team Osagyefo
Fix programs at the right time not clashing with lectures times.
Publicity should be key.

Q4. How would you ensure Administrative documentation of the JCRC office run smoothly so that affiliates would not struggle in getting information from the hall?

Team Osagyefo
Appoint right leaders.
Notices should be pasted on happenings in the hall.
Information Bill should be passed.

Team Insaidoo
Constantly feed affiliates with information.

The Voice
Maintain hall database and send text messages individually to them.
On Decentralization – Get a rep in major hostels to aid with info dissemination.

Tell us the vision statement of the hall
The Voice answered it right.

Tell us the mission statement of the hall
Team Insaidoo answered it right.

Tell us the core values of the hall
Team Osagyefo answered it right.

Team Insaidoo is being asked to sing the Hall anthem, Team Osagyefo is being asked to sing the Ghana national anthem and The Voice is being asked to sing the University of Cape Coast anthem.

They all sang them perfectly.

Q5. If you assume the role as veep, What leadership skills do you have?

Team Osagyefo
Current Veep for Santa Moga – UCC
Current library chairperson – KNH.

Team Insaidoo
Deputy Girls prefect – Ahantaman Girls SHS
Vice secretary for SRC Ahantaman Girls SHS

The Voice
Girls prefect for primary
House Prefect at Archbishop Porters Girls SHS

Candidates were being asked the names of their floor tutors and times of which they met for counseling. Questions were being asked by affiliates.

The Hall Master, Mr. David C. Adukpo addressed the gathering. The Chairman then gave his closing remarks and Mr. Stephen E. Essel said the closing prayer.

Dear hallers having heard from all the aspirants, the power to choose the right person lies with you. Come 27th March, 2018 kindly vote for you preferred candidate into power to continue the good works of the current administration.

Hall of Excellence – Leadership by Example

May the best team win.

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