Jaymo, CEO & Founder of BlackOps_Threads Meets Bra Amuah


Branding is very key in this era of ours. A well branded artifact would always sell itself. Setting up a clothing and branding company has always been an expensive dream for him. As a startup, the road hasn’t been easy at all, when asked about challenges he said: “Challenges may come, but just see them as a test. Never be afraid to fail.  We fail to be great.” Today Jaymo meets Bra Amuah.

MBA: Welcome, it’s great to have you on The Meet Bra Amuah Show. Could you give us an introduction?

Jaymo: Thanks for having me.  My name is James Ofori B. Gyamfi. A third year University of Cape Coast Student, and the CEO and Founder of BlackOps_Threads.

Fine Boy Jaymo

MBA: University of Competitive Choice as well as a Student Entrepreneur. That’s impressive and inspiring.

Jaymo: Haha. Thank You

MBA: Kindly tell us about BlackOps_Threads.

Jaymo: Okay, BlackOps_Threads is the first company under the umbrella of the BlackOps Conglorum hub. It is a clothing and branding company whose mission is to meet all the apparel demands of people, groups and organizations at large both within and outside Ghana. We also produce our own line of clothes, the most popular one is the “DayBorn Apparels”.

Jaymo: I pray Legacybase becomes our next client soon😂😂😂

MBA: 🤣 🤣 🤣 Sure.

MBA: You produce your own clothing line. This is so cool. How has the journey been with BlackOps_Threads from Day 1?

Jaymo: “It has not been easy”.  Entrepreneurs say this so much that it has become much of a cliché but it is very real. The journey hasn’t been easy at all, most especially when it comes to start-up brands like BlackOps_Threads.
From the planning, to the funds, to the readjustments, to the losses and even personal experiences.  It has been a heck of a journey but we still have a very long way to go, So, we just treat the challenges like a game and have fun as we learn and grow.

The Branded Cap

MBA: The journey hasn’t been easy, I can see. Any experience?

Jaymo: I remember there was one time that I was down to my last 10pesewas, because I had invested all my pocket-money in the business.  A customer ordered for a shirt at Old site and I had to walk from SRC to Old site to deliver a shirt with a profit of just GH₵ 5.00 I took a cab back to science (GH₵ 1.20) and walked the rest of the journey to the hostel.

MBA: 😂😂😂its business Bro. Ups and down. Did you buy water on your journey? 😂😂

Jaymo: 🤣 I waited till I got to the hostel and treated myself to cassava flakes, with skimmed powdered milk and crisps of peanuts (Gari ne nkateɛ).

MBA: Way back in SHS that was a rich student meal ohhh. 🤣🤣what SHS did you attend by the way?

Jaymo: You no dey see. Haha, I went to KSTS, Kumasi Secondary Technical School for a year and a half, and finished the remaining of the four years at Techiman Senior High School, in Techiman.  Where we live currently.

MBA: Care to tell us about your family?

Jaymo: Okay so I come from a middle-income nuclear family.  I am the first of three boys. My father is from Dormaa Ahenkro in B.A, and my mum is from Aduamoa-Kwahu in the E.R.  My dad works with the Ghana National Fire Service and my mum is a Nurse.

MBA: Three boys. Wow. Does your mother speak pidgin? because my mum does, she has 3 strong gentlemen and a beautiful lady.

Jaymo: Haha, your momee bi guy waa.  Mine doesn’t.  I think she prefers asking which lady is on my status or dp to speaking pidgin with me.

MBA: 😂😂don’t mind them. As if their time they were not meeting guys under that mango tree every 6pm.

Jaymo: Haha

Back in the days

MBA: What inspired you to set up your business?

Jaymo: A lot of things I should say, but if there is a simple phrase to define my inspiration I would say “Expensive dreams”.  I have a lot of things that I dream of, and those things does not come easy so I had to get up and do something.  I draw inspiration from, Jay Z, Steve Jobs, Dangote and 50 Cent. They all have inspiring elements in their stories.

MBA: That’s positive. What has been your most challenging experience since Day 1 of BlackOps_Threads.

Jaymo: Hmm. Getting to the end of last academic year somewhere in May, I had a 1-week gap till my last paper, so I decided to use that week to meet the orders that were coming in, even though we had officially closed business for the semester.  Now the reaps we had was around GH₵ 1030.00 in cash, so I made the trip to Accra to get the materials for production.
Unfortunately, I could not get almost everything I went for, so I had to come back with the few stuffs I got and the remaining, GH₵ 718.00
I got to Cape Coast only to realize that I had been picked. You can imagine the feeling at that moment.  After a whole semester’s hard work and sweat. GH₵ 718.00 might not seem too much for some other business organizations but, divide that by the profit margin of GH₵ 5.00, that was virtually the number of products I was robbed of. So, I worked with the few goods, generated a small amount and used that amount to compensate the team.  I went home with nothing.
As if that trauma wasn’t enough, a few weeks during the holidays, my dad had a life-threatening accident.  The bills were over the roof, my mum had to provide for all of us. Imagine the feeling as the first son who could not support.
We could spend all day here if we are talking about challenging experiences MBA, but God’s seen us through so far and I’m grateful.

MBA: Aww. So sad. But Nyame ne hene. So how many people do you employ?

Jaymo: Umm…  currently BlackOps_Threads has 6 full-time employees and generally 8. It includes myself.


My guy, you are determined. To employ 6 people as a startup I must say big ups. Why the name BlackOps? Are you a fan of the game Call of Duty?

Jaymo: Haha, I get that a lot. But, the name I wanted to begin with was picked up by some other local organizations so I had to come up with a name that would stand out and last.  As I was in the room thinking of a name with my friend and partner then, Raiser.  I saw a CD in the room with Black Operations on it, it was a top-notch military movie, so I just went with it.  After all it is what you do that defines your name.

MBA: Sure. It’s what you do that defines your name.

Jaymo: Shortened it to Black Ops at first, and because I didn’t want to cause any legal mishaps in the future, we spelt it different, BlackOps.

MBA: Nice move. Who is your role model?

Jaymo: I don’t have a specific role model, but I learn a lot from other leaders, entrepreneurs and Co.  I mean if u excel in your field, I’m always trying to find out your secret.  That gives me an array of people to look up to.

MBA: Nice. So, James, do you have any nickname.

Jaymo: Lol, as a kid I picked up a lot but, now my friends mostly call me Bra Jaymo and I kind of like it I must say😆

MBA: Bra Jaymo. Why you want use my name as Bra Amuah. I’m the only Bra ohhh😂

Jaymo: Haha, Roger that Bra Amuah

MBA: Behind every successful man they say there is a woman. Who is that lady behind you.? 😎😎

Jaymo: My mother ooo MBA, hmm that woman, God will bless her😆😆😆

MBA: My friend you just want me say who is your girlfriend? OK you have my attention. Bra Jaymo who are you dating?

Jaymo: Hahaha. At the moment there is none.  Managing a business with academics takes all the time and attention.  But the answer I gave wasn’t wrong though.

MBA: My friend, don’t give me that excuse. If you want me to hook you up say it and let’s see the way forward.

Jaymo: LOL, I’m not saying hook me up but God bless you for offering.  When should I expect a feedback?

MBA: 😂😂😂😂see am. I will link you to Counselor Lutterodt, he specializes in that. Moving forward. If I want to learn what you do. Will you employ and train me?

Jaymo: Hehehe, “my guy you bi Blogger den Digital marketer, do your own make I do my own. 😂😂

MBA: I believe out there that there are people out there who would be inspired by your story. What words of encouragement do you have for them?

Jaymo: The little I can say to them is, I believe God has made a pre-deposit of blessings in our lives. We are all destined for greatness that’s why we are all unique.  Find what you are good at and invest the strength and resources you have now in it. Challenges may come, but just see them as a test. Never be afraid to fail.  We fail to be great.

MBA: Quite a motivational speech.

Jaymo: Thanks blood.

MBA: I believe your prices are quite cool for the students.

Jaymo: Yes boss. Affordability is one of our Core Values

MBA: How can customers contact you. Any social media?

Jaymo: We link up on @BlackOps_Threads on IG and FB and @BlackOps_C on Twitter or call 0547022583/ 0209056298. We’ll give you a perfect deal.

MBA: Positive. I wish you more clients. Thank you for making time with us on the show. Been an honor having the CEO of BlackOps_Threads

Amen champ. Would also like to use this platform to give a shouts outs to the whole BlackOps_Threads team. I appreciate their efforts and to my loyal customers I say we will continue to serve you well. I appreciate you all. Thank you and your readers for having me. 🙏🏾🙏🏾

Indeed, Jaymo has met Bra Amuah today. I think every startup entrepreneur would say Gari has really saved lives as Jaymo said. Like Jaymo said: We are all destined for greatness that’s why we are all unique.  Find what you are good at and invest the strength and resources you have now in it. Contact them via social media and you would be impressed at their works. Its bye for today till another time.

Be Inspired & Motivated​​​

For enquires or sponsorship, kindly Meet Bra Amuah.




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