Impart Foundation Takes Impart IT To The Next Level In The Cape Coast Metropolis


Impart IT, an initiative by Impart Foundation is a project with the sole aim of empowering youth and kids in IT. Currently focusing in the Cape Coast Metropolis, Volunteers (with their Laptops) from Impart Foundation, visit schools especially JHS 3 Candidates and take them through the practical aspects of Information Technology being taught in the classrooms, to prepare them adequately for their upcoming Basic Education Certificate Examination. (B.E.C.E)

In an interview with Legacybase’s MBA, Representatives from Impart Foundation explained that since the world is now a technological one it’s prudent if the youth or students become highly skilled in areas of IT. They also backed their explanation by the Sustainable Development Goal number 4: QUALITY EDUCATION.

Being awarded as “Humanitarian Act of the Year by the UCC SRC in 2018” Impart Foundation seems to do great and marvelous acts all in the name of impacting lives. As their motto says: Impacting Lives Is A Priority Not An  Option.

As the adage goes: Two heads are better than one. Impart  Foundation appeals to the general public, organizations, individuals, volunteers, etc to make this project achieve its goals, since it can not do it alone.

Individual students who wish to volunteer are humbly requested to join the team and come with their laptops to help teach the kids.

This project is definitely going to make the kids:

  1. Improve upon the theory and practicals that comes with learning Information Technology at the basic level.
  2. Make the learning of Information Technology easy and friendly.
  3. Increase the interest of the younger generation in Information Technology.

It thereby seeks to enable the students to have:
a. Practical basics in Excel for their level and with the standard of B.E.C.E
b. Practical basics in MS Word for their level.
c. Know more about Emails and it’s usage.
d. Understand and identify Search engines and it’s usage.

This project began in the month of March and will continue through to April in the following schools within the Cape Coast Metropolis.

  • Imam Khomeini Islamic School
  • Apewosika M/A JHS
  • Archbishop Amissah Memorial Basic School

It was so interesting in interacting with the kids. The joy on their faces when they saw themselves playing with the laptops showed that their lives are really being impacted with Information Technology.

Let’s all come on board and help empower these kids with IT. Call 0242342588 for any information or to volunteer/support

Impart Foundation – Impacting lives is a priority not an option.

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