Harold Abbey leads Vortex Marketing to launch Zumah


 Zumah – The new service platform, which is referred to as the Revolution in African Technology, led by widely known Qofi Kenkey in real life as Harold Abbey, launches on the 18th of August at the Coconut Groove Regency Hotel at 6pm GMT. What blows my mind is, Qofi is a final year Actuarial Science student of the University of Cape Coast, indeed the University of Competitive Choice.

Zumah is coined from the Xhosa word, “xhuma” a language commonly spoken by the people of the Zulu clan in South Africa. And it simply means “connect”. Zumah is a total services hub, connecting all service providers to people who require these and vice versa. Every single service can be found on this platform, from a programmer, a business consultant to a carpenter near you. The platform works per your given location, bringing out every single service you seek from the remotest place you could find yourself.

Zumah helps you develop your services via AD campaigns and targeted marketing techniques to help you reach wide a variety of audience. Anyone can post their services and anyone can use any of the services from the platform in diverse ways. It is flexible, easy to use, and works with total efficiency. Zumah is currently the only platform of its kind in Africa, working solely in 360 degrees services.

Zumah with the tagline – Your Total Service Platform  launches on the 18th of August at the Coconut Groove Regency Hotel at 6pm GMT.
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Lets delve more into Zumah.

Zumah is a haven for Small Scale Business.

Zumah will work for both the informal and formal sector of the country.

Zumah increases your call rate for your Businesses.

Check out Qofi Kenkey’s  interview with Legacybase’s Bra Amuah 

Bra Amuah: Why Zumah?

Qofi Kenkey: I was propelled to engineer this online service platform to help artisans, craftsmen and service providers to locate their respective audience, whiles at the same time, helping people locate their service needs with ease and efficiency. There are a lot of unrecognized talented artisans and craftsmanship in our country, people are learning new trades everyday, and people are making new things everyday, but how do a wide variety of audience who equally needs these services locate and acquire them? This is serious predicament that has haunted our country for years, but Zumah intends to answer these questions.

Bra Amuah: How is Zumah going to deal with nearby services?

Qofi Kenkey: Zumah intends to utilize holistically, the GPS system, the Ghana digital address system and Google maps in a comprehensive and modernized approach to make location of services easier, and simultaneously make location of people who need the service easier as well.


Bra Amuah: Share with us some features of Zumah?

Qofi Kenkey: This service, Zumah, has been programmed tangentially with the landscape and settlement distribution patterns in Ghana to make it note efficient in Ghana, that Facebook, because Facebook, has been programmed consistently with the land distribution patters in abroad and overseas countries. Ghana is a micro national state, and too small to face difficulties in locating people and services at this modern age where the world has been made a global village with technology and the internet, but with little technological manipulation, we can face this challenge with ease, and Zumah has come to provide the solutions. Every person can manage their service on Zumah, people can boost their service to reach millions of audience with Zumah’s Predictive Intelligence Feature. It will be basically free to post a derive, but one may pay as low as Gh¢1.00 to boost a service to reach wide range of targeted audience.

Bra Amuah: How is Zumah related to Nation building?

Qofi Kenkey: Zumah will bridge the gap between the formal and informal sector and promote coordination between these two sectors to promote and build our nation together.

Bra Amuah: What are the reactions you get from people when they hear your name “Qofi Kenkey”

Qofi Kenkey: Haha……laughs in capital letters……. Well they ask why Kenkey. Some actually relate me to a booming Kenkey business on UCC Campus. But its actually false. I don’t like Kenkey that much. My favorite food is “Tuo Zaafi”. As an entrepreneur you should have a brand, so that’s my brand, the same way yours is #Meet_Bra_Amauh. As an entrepreneur Kenkey actually sticks than Abbey.

Bra Amuah: Any Social Media?

Qofi Kenkey: Follow us on Instagram @zumahafrica and Facebook  Zumah. We go live in August. Zumah – Your Total Service Platform.

Speakers for the launch include: Samia Nkrumah, Qofi Kenkey, Dr. Paa Kwesi Bonzi, David Opoku, Leonora Okine and Bra Amuah.

Let’s join together to make Ghana and Africa great.



Credit:  Fillahq, Kofi Fidel, Vortex Marketing and Legacybase Online Magazine




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