Today on #themeetbraamuahshow, George Barnes tells us about it all. A multi-talented young man. Lets welcome him.

MBA: It’s great to have you on #themeetbraamuahshow. Welcome young man. Do tell us about yourself?

Dukes: Thank you bro. I’m George Barnes. A level 300 tourism student in University of Cape Coast. (UCC) An actor/presenter/photo model/Vice president and a founding member of HG multimedia

MBA: Wow. One man, all these. Tell us about how it all started.

Dukes: The urge to do all these and still have passion for them started in the church.

MBA: Why Angel Michael visited you in church?

Dukes: Lol. The holy spirit instead. But again, it all goes down to ability, passion and readiness.

MBA: So, which came first. Actor, presenter, HG multimedia or photo model.

Dukes: Well….The acting came first though, right after Senior High School (SHS) and I went on to have a very short start in the University of Ghana to read Bachelor of fine arts. But I had to quit and come to UCC.

MBA: Why did you quit, if I may ask?

Dukes: My daddy was like “I can read a different program and still become an actor or anything I want” and I can say there was a little financial constraints to be in the university by that year.

MBA: Okay so you stayed home for a year? Well George. Or do you have a nickname? How were your Senior High School days?

Dukes: Well, in the SHS, I had a lot of funny nicknames like “Awaley, superserious, Bob shaker” and a whole lot. My high school days was to me very good except that I was constantly either being punished by a senior or a teacher for so many reasons. And I was a very quiet guy and very crazy with only my close friends. Currently I’m called “dukes” which happens to be a name given to me by one of my school brothers in SHS (Sammy Drake) and I will forever be grateful to him though. To him he was like he wants to give me a title because the first time he saw me, he said he saw extraordinary things in me and my surname even inspired him to give me that title “duke”

MBA: I can call you Dukes then. So, Dukes, how did your acting career begin. Were you always watching Concert Party back in the days?

Dukes: Hahaha I used to watch cantata instead. But I would say my acting career begun massively with HG multimedia from the fair play episodes and then it went on and on and on. More so the compliments I had from the panels during my audition with Legon really encouraged me to perceive further.

MBA: So, can we see the next Majid Michel or Jim Iyke in you in the next 10 years? Dukes tell us about HG Multimedia?

Dukes: Those two are phenomenal actors but I pray to do it my own way and moreover I don’t see myself in the future as an actor. I want to be more than an actor. HG multimedia is an entertainment house that does everything in entertainment. The main aim of HG multimedia is to bring out hidden talents in individuals. We are into acting, dancing, music, photography, modelling, hyping, organizing and so on.

MBA: More than an actor, what do you mean by that?

Dukes: Well…I would like to see myself as a gentleman who imparted a generation so with regards to that, I dream of being a successful actor, presenter, event organizer, minister, businessman and a very good husband.

MBA: Oh cool. That’s positive. You said you are photo model. Then I believe you are getting the cash. How has the experience been?

Dukes: Frankly speaking I’m not well established in photo modelling though but then I seek to polish it up very soon. Small small cha!!

MBA: Oh cool. “you wan chop money for every sector”. This guy. So Dukes as a tourism student, how do you see the tourism industry in this country.?

Dukes: “Every man for chase dollars chaley, Ebi necessary bruh” Tourism in this country is really average because I think there are lots of undiscovered and underutilized tourism products here in Ghana.But you know my department is here to make some elevations so relax..Bibiaa bɛyɛ fine

MBA: The way you telling me to relax as if you are the next tourism minister. Eiii boys kasa. Dukes, what will you do as tourism minister if I may ask.?

Dukes: Massive question. Oh, but MBA do you know my department is the best tourism department in the whole of west Africa?

MBA: My friend doesn’t deviate from my question. We are listening.

Dukes: And If I become a minister, it’s simple, I will just put  the tourism in Ghana in the hands of my lecturers. “Them be good ruff”.

MBA: Meaning you as the minister, you are incompetent than to let your lecturers handle the affairs?

Dukes: Lol I was kidding. But they would always be my advisors though but below is the list of what I will do as a minister of tourism:

1.To fully support and promote the study of tourism and its related field in Ghana.

2.To improve upon the prospects and careers in the tourism industry

3.To make Ghana the best tourist destination in Africa by developing newly discovered and distinguished attractions in Ghana for example. The longest canopy walk way in west Africa

MBA: That’s great. Tourism Minister in the making. Well Dukes. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. How has the journey being since your attainment of this status. Have the road been smooth or rough. Do share with us.

Dukes: The road has never been smooth bruh…even now. I remember my hardest times came at I think class 6 getting to form 1 and form 2 , things were hard that my mum almost gave me up to an uncle to look after me just to reduce the dependency which didn’t work and then they also thought of taking me to “syto”  (thats not to say “syto” isn’t good though) and then my elder brother and I had to sell vegetables on a tray, t-rolls and pillow in order to get our food money for the next day for school, it was funny because we wouldn’t want to be seen by our colleagues otherwise they will tease us in class the following day, we would throw the stuffs in the bush or hide it when we see our colleagues from a long distance coming to us and then they will be like “ah what are you guys doing here”. Then we would also be like we are just taking a walk around, it was something we kept low key but I’m sure it has made me very experienced in so many ways. At those times too, my dad was constantly travelling to make sure there’s money at home. It made my dad a Jack of all trade and same for my mum, she has basically sold everything on this earth. But now my family is good, things are getting better by the Grace of God. It’s interesting how God can actually change the predicaments of people into blessings. In fact, the past has really blessed my Family. In fact MBA, I can’t say all but we just have to hit our chest and move on.

MBA: That’s touching and funny though. They part where you had to throw the things in the bush, when your friends are approaching. Indeed, life goes on. So Dukes for all the services you do, how can you be contacted?

I’m only on Facebook as Nana dukes. Contact : 0547481694. We can take it from here bruh

MBA: Dukes who are you dating?

Dukes: 😡😡😡I’m not sure I’m dating….I’m just not sure

MBA: Eiii na why this face. Not sure paaa. Today you will say something other than this before we finish up. I ask again. Who is your girlfriend?


Dukes: Hahahaha how I wish you can ask another question, lol. I got single not too long ago so it basically means I don’t have a girlfriend.

“He doesn’t have a girlfriend mpo nie”

MBA: Eii Mr. Actor. Ayoo. So, are you searching now?

Dukes: Not at all. I’m more relaxed now

I want to build myself to a level where everybody wants to have me. I have seen people lose it all because they placed their importance on women and so many unnecessary things, but I have never seen anyone lose it when they focused on becoming someone better in the future.

MBA: So, are you saying placing importance on women is a negative thing to do?

Dukes: Not absolutely. But to me, placing my importance on women at this age will only divide my focus and attention from building my career. The funny thing about me is I have never felt comfortable and satisfied with everything I do with my career, even though people say I’m doing greatly well, so I seek to work more and more to achieve that dream status.

MBA: This one die3 ibi vibes… We will get back to this after the interview. Haha. So, Dukes what piece of advice to you have to your fans out there.? Because as an actor, presenter, photo model & Veep of HG multimedia you’ve seen and experienced a lot of things.

Dukes: I want to say everybody should focus on being somebody. It’s with great fulfilment to realize day by day that you are on the right path to achieve a dream you always have. But one should remember that you can’t be who you want to be without God. That one is very necessary.

MBA: Very necessary indeed. Last question, as President of Ghana, what will be your first task on day 1 in office.?

Dukes: Eeei MBA don kill me. Day one in office paaa.

MBA: Oh yh. You are not dead bro. lol. Day one in office.

Dukes: Well, for me I strongly believe in being creative outside formal education. Because education doesn’t guarantee greatness and there is also no formula or pattern to becoming great so I’d focus entirely on instilling that idea in my co-workers first because I know they wouldn’t like that idea in the first place. And with that I will get the enabling environment and support to work hard and think clearly for our beloved country

MBA: Thanks for your time Dukes. Great having you on #themeetbraamuahshow.

Dukes: Welcome bro. Next semester probably I’m coming up with a new TV SHOW SERIES called “THE TIME WITH DUKES,TDD” and I humbly urge everybody to keep supporting and watching me. I’m also happy to #meetbraamuah because your show is for great people and I’m so happy about that.

MBA: You can’t be who you want without God indeed. It’s been great having Dukes on #themeetbraamuahshow. Till we meet next time. Goodbye.