EXCLUSIVE :Perry Tintin Interviews KiDi (MTN Hitmaker 4 Winner)

perry tintin interviews kidi

BY @perry_tintin exclusive for legacybase.com

PERRY: Good afternoon Kidi.
KIDI: Good afternoon bro.
PERRY: How are you doing?
KIDI: by the Grace of God, all is well.
PERRY: so we’ve been hearing of Kidi, especially in the just ended MTN HITMAKER Series, who at all is Kidi, can you tell us about yourself?
KIDI: Kidi is just a simple guy, very shy one, who happens to love music. Nothing special at all.
PERRY: we’d like to know about your school, full name, family?
Kidi: My full name is Dennis Nana Dwamena, attended Accra Academy and currently in university of Ghana, I’m in my final year studying economics and information studies, left with one semester to graduate.
PERRY: Any siblings?
Kidi: That line in my life is really complicated but I will say I do have siblings. Four brothers and a sister.
PERRY: So when did music start in your life?
Kidi: Music in my life started very long ago. When I was very young, my dad bought me a Walkman and I found myself never leaving it. Everywhere I went I had my ear phones plugged in and was almost always listening to music and singing along. Then it got to a time when I realized I could sing like those I was listening to. Then gradually it started reflecting even in church.
PERRY: Did you attend any competition before the HITMAKER Series?
Kidi: I attended Vodafone icons, forgotten the year though. But I remember I messed up a little bit and so couldn’t get far. I also tried X factor, the first edition to hit Africa and that too but for ma shyness which made me mess up, I could have gone far. All these transpired before I entered Hitmaker.
PERRY: What inspired you to enter the Hitmaker series?
Kidi: I’ve been singing since 12, singing in ice cream shops, wayside programs, and a host of other unprofessional avenues but it got to a time I realized, the world had to see what was hidden in Kidi, and that was what inspired me to enter the Hitmaker series.
PERRY: in the initial stages, did you see yourself winning?
Kidi: Honestly, I didn’t see myself winning at all. I knew I’d go far but seeing other talented singers like Abena, CJ and others. I knew I wasn’t ready to win, at all and so I told God, if it happens that I win , so be it. And fortunately or unfortunately, it came as a big blow when I was adjudged the winner.
PERRY: Was it challenging entering, and even staying in the competition?
Kidi: It was very very challenging. I had watched Hitmaker all these years. As it seems if you can’t sing rap or dancehall or you are not able to move the crowd, Hitmaker would be a wonder land for you. So looking at my kind of music, it was very challenging even staying in. You perform well this week and the next, your fans are expecting something bigger and so the going kept on getting tougher by and by.
PERRY: Kidi, what motivates you to sing?
Kidi: First of all, emotions move me to sing. Listening to Bruno mars and others, you realize people react to the music you sing, for example, heartbroken people tend to listen to songs about heartbreak just to express their feelings and so adapting to such music, feelings and emotions keep motivating me to sing.
PERRY: What was the feeling like when your name was mentioned as the winner of the competition?
Kidi: Hahaha!! Honestly speaking, when I was adjudged the winner, my mind was blank. Didn’t hear anything nor see anything. Couldn’t sleep even. But the next morning, that was when it hit me that this actually happened. I had won. I was loved. People actually supported me, because of the crowd that showed up at the national theatre, I was overwhelmed.
PERRY: We’d also like to know, what has been your lowest point in life?
Kidi: One of my low points in life happened when I entered Vodafone icons. I knew I could sing, really but I just went and messed up just a little bit and then I was taken out just like that. It was heartbreaking as a matter of fact. I felt so down. I tried x factor too after a long time, and there too, same thing happened. I guess this isn’t for me. Those have been my lowest points in life.
PERRY: In contrast, what has been your highest point of achievement in life?
Kidi: There is this radio show in west America VOA, they are very picky in the songs they pick for their shows. And they pick only three songs from Africa. So they chose Telemo by Gasmilla, Skolom by VVIP and Bleed by me. And that alone was something big. In the whole of Africa and they chose my song as third, that was a big achievement for me.
PERRY: Kidi, if there was something you could change about your life, what would it be?
Kidi: My shyness. Honestly, I’ve lost a lot in my music career all because of my shyness. In fact people who don’t really know me mistake this shyness for arrogance. At times you go for public shows and you are not talking nor looking at people, and some just take it for arrogance when in actual fact I’m just shy. But I hope one day, it goes away. I really hope so.
PERRY: We hope so too Kidi cos looking at the impact you’re producing now, we can just imagine if you weren’t shy at all.
(Both laugh)
PERRY: What is your greatest fear?
Kidi: My greatest fear in life is not being successful in my music. looking at all that goes into getting better day by day , studio sessions , shoots ,shows and all that and in the long run I’m like the ordinary singer out there, it scares me . So that pushes me to work harder to get better.
PERRY: Who is your greatest inspiration?
Kidi: There are many but I’d just go with this one. It looks cliché but I’d go with my mom. She has gone through a lot for me especially. When I look at her, I just want to make it in life, get better so she never has to need anything.
PERRY: So kidi, let’s get off the books for now, how are you managing the new found fame? Especially with the girls. (Both laugh heartily)
Kidi: You know, nothing much has changed. Just that the exposure has come and there’s very little I can do about it. At times you are in town and people go like “eeeh is that kidi from Hitmaker?” and they ooh and aaah and you just smile back. Some courageous ones would just come around and take pictures. Since I’m not used to that , but have no option , I handle the moment and when I’m done I scurry away with my shyness
PERRY: So are you attached, single, double, searching, divorced? Anything you’d like your fans to know?
(Both laugh)
Kidi: Frankly speaking, I’m single. I’m sure those of my friends who know me know I’m single.
PERRY: So how do you handle school, social life, family, music and the fame and everything?
Kidi: hmmmmm, it’s not easy oo. It’s all by the grace of God we’ve come this far. It’s not been easy at all.
PERRY: What should your fans out there expect from you, especially in the coming year?
Kidi: At the moment, I want to graduate cos I’m in the final semester of my final year. Then I’m here to make my name stay unlike some winners of some reality shows.
PERRY: So kidi this time spent with you has been insightful, really. Wanna thank you for the time.
Kidi: I’m really grateful. Really, thank you for this privilege and exposure, God richly bless you for the good work you’re doing especially at legacybase.com .Once again, thank you.
PERRY: You’re most welcome, it’s our job to expose great minds and so we got your back bro. All the best and have a great day.




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