Eldridge Asamoah – CEO of Wynne Sparc Meets Bra Amuah


Taking an inspiration from the Bible, he got the name Wynne Sparc. It’s great to have the CEO of Wynne Sparc an online marketing platform on #themeetbraamuahshow.

MBA: Welcome chief. My lovely readers would like to know who you are?

Eldridge: Privileged talking to you and thanks for the opportunity. Well I’m Eldridge Asamoah. I’m an entrepreneur and a marketer as well. I completed the University of Ghana- Legon in 2017 and currently doing my service at GCB bank Ltd. I’m also a pastor at the Glorious Church Brethren, a great youth church by Grace. I enjoy reading and I have intense love to solve problems a lot. Aside that I love to involve in business so you’ll usually find me trading a lot with other businesses. Just to say little about myself.

MBA: Quite an introduction. Entrepreneur, what exactly do you do or you buy at a certain price to sell at another price. Kindly tell us?

Eldridge: Currently, my main focus is on Wynne Sparc, and for the number who have heard or seen anything about the company, know we deal with clothes, ladies clothes to be specific. What we do is that we do our possible best to get the best of variety clothes for ladies at very affordable prices. I must say for the period while we have been existent, we have delivered to quite a number of customers.

MBA: That’s positive. What motivated you to go into clothing. I can see Wynne Sparc is doing marvelously well.

Eldridge: Thanks a lot, really appreciate it. Well I must say my motivation for doing anything is just to be a problem solver and that’s the reason I decided to involve in Clothing. I believe for fact that women are a discovery species, and every single moment ladies want to know or want something new. I saw that discovery in Eve in the Bible with the fruit, and I also realized Sarah bore the same seed when she had to eavesdrop on the conversation Abraham had with the angels.  Just to mention a few. This discovery is seen a lot in clothes, and that’s why on an average you’ll realize that at least 3 of 5 Lady friends will purchase clothes once every week. So, WYNNE SPARC is just here to end the stress of ladies having to spend more on transport to boutiques, Malls etc. just for them to be themselves. What we do is, we bear all the cost and give you exactly what you’re looking for just on your phone or PC. that’s what motivated me!! It relieves ladies of the stress!!

MBA: Eiii this one you take me go Bible inside ohhh🤣🤣🤣. Interesting. Talking about phone or PC, do you have an app or website for such transactions or purchase?

Eldridge: We used to have a blog on wixsite but currently it’s on hold, we’re now developing the website so it should be ready middle of this year. But what we do now is, customers pay through our mobile money number or direct cash at the moment.

MBA: Oh great. You are a University graduate, could you share with is your experiences way back in school.?

Eldridge: Oh the experience was a great one. I knew the University was the place of opportunities. So aside going for lectures and church, I took advantage of meeting people and associating with things I never expected to be involved with. But the experience was a great one. University is truly a place for everyone to pass through.

MBA: Nice to hear. Anyway, I attended the only college in Ghana along the Atlantic Ocean. You can call me an APSU. How were your Senior High school days.? Were you the most popular student?

Eldridge: Hahaha. TBH Saint Augustine’s was never one of the schools I’ll usually talk or think about when I was in High School till I came to University. Now I have huge number of friends and partners from Saint Augustine’s. Anyway, I attended Presbyterian Boys Senior High-Legon. I wouldn’t say much because the name speaks for itself. It was a great experience. In simply terms, the school turned the boy into a man and for that I am grateful. Not so popular but I was around.

MBA: You wouldn’t dare compare your school to the Great Green College. You should know that Omnia Vincit Labor. Haha. Anyway, talking about partners how many people do you employ at Wynne Sparc?

Eldridge: Currently I have about 5 people working for me as Sales Executives. These guys are brilliant sir. They make Wynne Sparc what it is. And I also have an exceptional Lady also helping me run the company. We’re training quite a number too so in a few months, I’ll have more come on board.

MBA: Charley as a startup to employ 5 people then you bi champion ohhh. Mr. Wynne Sparc. Why the name?

Eldridge: Grateful sir. The name came up from an inspiration of newness. I actually drew this inspiration from the Bible. When Jesus turned water into wine. I believe it spoke of a different and a better dispensation and that is what WYNNE SPARC represents. A new and better version of what was previously experienced in the business field. That’s why we’re Wynne Sparc

MBA: Wow. Newness it is. Mr. Wynne Sparc share with us your challenging moment as a CEO and how you overcame it. We would like to learn.

Eldridge: You know one of the challenges most new CEOs like myself face is consistency and growth. A lot of people look for motivation to run a business but I don’t think that is what drives a business. And I faced that challenge. You see, motivation is good enough to get you started, but habits keep you going. So I think if we want to keep going in the business world, we need to develop the habit of doing what we do and that’s solve the world’s problems the best possible way. Once we get that, we’re good to go because the new age of entrepreneurs coming up are stronger and more intelligent.

MBA: I think I’m learning today. So, supposing one wants to purchase an item how would he or she go about it?

Eldridge: Okay We usually post pictures of the clothes on Mondays. We have a platform on Instagram and Facebook. We also have WhatsApp numbers you can contact from our sales executives so they’re available an all these platforms to serve any and every one however. You just have to send us a picture of what you want on our DM’s or WhatsApp numbers, and then you can make payments either directly or one mobile money then we deliver your stuff to you wherever in Ghana. Otherwise we meet our customers at an agreeable location for their stuff.

MBA: Okay, Great. Kindly let us know the social media pages and numbers to get in touch with you guys

Eldridge: You can follow us on Instagram @wynne.sparc and Facebook at Wynne Sparc and you can contact our sales executives on WhatsApp on 0209368890, 0570176815, 0271576240, 0262581225 and 0264249078.

MBA: Thanks. I hope business booms soon. Any role models you look up to in the entrepreneurship field?

Eldridge: I admire Jim Rohn, Richard Branson, Uebert Angel, Jeff Bezoz and of course my dad. Great influence on me

MBA: Eldridge are you single and searching or you are attached?

Eldridge: Oh hahaha. I didn’t expect that. At the moment I’m single but I’m not particularly searching. Just building friendship here and there you know.

MBA: Masa you and who friendship. 🤣🤣🤣😂 switch on your Bluetooth am let me pair you. 😂😂😂

Eldridge: Hahaha it’s on oo Boss. It never went off

MBA: Okay director. So, what’s the way forward Wynne Sparc?

Eldridge: We have a lot planned for everyone especially this year not just clothes alone. Everyone should expect everything they’ve been looking for food, drinks, property, a lot God willing. I’ll personally keep you updated sir but for now we’re going to keep giving people the best of lady’s clothes…!!

MBA: That’s nice. What advice would you give to passionate individuals who would love to set their own businesses.?

Eldridge: Hey as long as you’re concerned about solving issues, your passion will be able to build you more than it’s worth. Just keep going.

MBA: That’s positive. We are rapping up. If I make ask is there at any point you felt like giving up, if yes kindly enlighten us on how you went about it.?

Eldridge: Oh, definitely felt like giving up before but boss, the vision is big. It’s bigger than the challenges we face. so, I just kept looking at the vision of WYNNE SPARC and that helped me go through it knowing I’ll get there

MBA: What’s one major thing you will do as president of Ghana for one day?

Eldridge: Haha nice question…I will place matured prophets in the different segments of rule. I believe God through them will direct country, because I believe certain decisions should be inspired by God so that we can move ahead. A lot of wrong moves in the country here and there. I’ll want to change that

xMBA: Would you give you crush free 500ghc worth of clothes is she asks you?

Eldridge: Oh, I won’t give my crush that. I’ll teach her how to be able to make the cost of 500ghc clothes before I may be able to.

MBA: Thanks for being on the show. It’s great to have you on. We do hope other lives are imparted.

Eldridge: Thanks a lot. Really appreciate the time sir, myself and the SPARC team are forever grateful for this opportunity. We wish you the best as well.

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