Legacybase Online Magazine brings to you what’s trending on campus, Today a lady by name Edith Akosua Sarpormaa Baafi explains what her agenda stands forThe Student politics gets interesting and exciting. You were told you to expect more this semester concerning student leadership due to the alter of some hall week celebration dates.  In a chit chat with one of our correspondents, she said “Legacybase Online Magazine is one of the leading names of updates on campus issues and trends, hence I want my voice to be heard on this platform”.

I am Edith Akosua Sarpormaa Baafi. A Level 300 Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) student of this noble institution. As the semester has begun I entreat all of us to value and tolerate the different thoughts and sentiments of one another not forgetting to devote maximum obedience to all rules and regulations of this noble institution. Let’s not forget the reason why we are here but rather focus on our academics.

I hereby declare my intentions to serve the people of UCC.

With “The AFA Agenda” as a teaser or brand, I humbly submit myself as SRC Coordinating Secretary hopeful for the 2018/2019 academic year. The AFA Agenda is basically an agenda with student’s interest at heart.

AFA – Advocating For All as it implies basically means I am ready to be the voice of students on the panel of student’s leaders of this University.

Did you know that the COORDINATING SECRETARY to an extent is responsible for the implementation of the policies of the PRESIDENT?

I would entreat you all to join the AFA Agenda on board and help make the Student front a great one.

Finally, I say, With EDITH great moments ahead.

God bless UCC, God bless us all.

Thank You.



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