Chisom Ezenwa – Optometrist and CEO of Student Hub Africa Meets Bra Amuah


Today we take you to Oma Naija. Meet Chisom, an Optometrist and CEO of Students Hub Africa – Online Campus Marketplace.

MBA: Welcome to The Meet Bra Amuah show. let me take you to Spain. Amablemente cuéntanos sobre ti?

Chisom: Lol I don’t know what that means.

Miss Chisom

MBA: For the record, my Spanish is better than yours. I simply meant, kindly tell us about yourself.

Chisom: No arguments there. My Name is Chisom Ezenwa. I am a Nigerian and a final year Optometry student at the University of Cape Coast.

MBA: Positive. Every Nigerian has a little bit of business spirit in him or her. Tell us about yours.?

Chisom: So, I hear and starting to see for myself. Well mine I think I adopted from my mum. Watched her entrepreneurship journey and unknowingly I picked it up. I have a burning desire to be successful, not only successful but to take as much people with me as I can. I believe in the power of DESIRE backed by FAITH, there lies my business spirit.

MBA: So, do you own a business, if yes, tell us about it?

Chisom: Yes, I do. It’s intended to be a group of businesses but we a Starting with Student Hub Africa which is a trademark under Pearox Enterprise. Student hub Africa is simply an online campus marketplace. We could compare it to our classic ecommerce platforms like Jumia, tonaton, etc. But what sets us apart is our niche. We are campus centered, both buyers and sellers are in the same campus making the whole process easier and safer.

MBA: That’s impressive. Chisom, how long have you stayed in Ghana? We would also be glad if you shared with us about your childhood experience.

It’s a family thing

Chisom: I’ve been in Ghana for 6 years, just came in for my tertiary education but I’ve been here a couple of times prior to that for vacation. My childhood was very pleasant, grew up in a loving family. My parents believe also in learning by exposure so we went around mostly to African countries. I grew up with 3 brothers so at a point in my life I was a “tomboy”.

MBA: 😂😂😂. Interesting. So, comparing Ghana to Nigeria. What can you say about the business sector?

Chisom: The Nigerian business sector is saturated while there are still untapped markets in Ghana. If you have noticed a lot of Nigerians are migrating to take advantage of this opportunity. Then again from my little research the reason why startups take more time to blossom than supposed to in Ghana are the people. They are not easily adapted to change. Take for example someone started a business here in Ghana then after a year goes and plants that same business in Nigeria, the business will definitely bloom faster in Nigeria and until then before the Ghana market catches the drift and begin to accept.

MBA: Can I call you a well-versed business woman. Because you speak like one. So Chisom tell me how Student Hub Africa started?

Chisom: Lol certainly not there’s still a lot to learn. The origin of student hub has a very funny background. Just know at the beginning it wasn’t the intended project. It went through stages of refinement before we got here. As a young entrepreneur booming with so much ideas, I wanted to do all. My business plan was flawed on so many levels. So, I decided to start from somewhere. Student Hub is actually intended to encompass everything student life, making everything available to the average student with just a click of a button. But we had to start somewhere. What made me choose the marketplace – I used to get a lot of people ask if I knew someone who had a certain thing they were looking for, let’s say a fridge and I would point them to the right person and vice versa or I see a lot of WhatsApp messages advertising a business, event or an Item for sale. So, I thought why not bring everyone on one platform. Your neighbour might me the one selling what you need but you do not know. With Student Hub you can market your products or services, if you are in need of extra cash as a Student you can sell that item you no longer need. You don’t need to go to the broader market and risk your safety all in the name of getting a good deal.

Dr. Chisom

MBA: Inspiring. Is it a registered business? So how does it work. What platform does all these take place?

Chisom: Yeah, it is a registered business, a trademark of Pearox Enterprise like I said. It a website our app is being created at the moment. All you have to do to sell is log on to the site, register, upload your products or service and wait for a buyer. For the buyer you don’t have to register, just search for a product or service and contact the seller. It’s that easy

 MBA: That makes life easy. So cherished readers. You heard her. All you need to do is log on to and sell or buy. As a startup how many people have you employed or would I say working with?

Chisom: Yeah, I have 10 people right now.


MBA: That impressive to have 10 employees as a startup. Chisom what have been some of the challenges you’ve faced with Student Hub Africa?

Chisom: Well the major Challenge with every start up and with mine as well has been capital. But God has been providing every step of the way. The 2nd actually are with my employees. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a challenge because they are mostly students like me and they believe in the vision that’s why they decided to come on board with me so I’m grateful. But like I said they are students so combining the work and studies is the major Challenge and like I tell them, they are in School for their books first so they should not let the work interfere with their studies. So once in a while we have to outsource some projects. And some have been put on hold from time to time.

MBA: Chisom, we would like to know one of your biggest mistake and how you dealt with it so that we can also learn from it.


Chisom: Doing business with people without doing enough research on them, and not drawing up a form of contract. Learnt from that and applied it to every other aspect of my business

MBA: Great point. We will learn as well. Chisom any future plans for Student Hub Africa?

Chisom: A lot so watch our space. Next week we are having a giveaway on campus. Stay tuned

MBA: We will. So Chisom how can one reach Student Hub Africa. Any contact or social media?

Chisom: Yes, please IG: studenthub_ Twitter: studenthub_ Facebook: info.studenthub Phone: 0205865858

MBA: Great, Any word for startups out there.?

Chisom: One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Seek expert counsel before quitting. Remember, too, that all who succeed in life get off to a bad start, and pass through many heartbreaking struggles before they “arrive.”No one is saying it’s easy. But it would be worth it

MBA: I love this. Thanks. Chisom let me be plain here. Who are you dating?

Chisom: Lol please is the interview still on??

MBA: Yes, it is. 😂😂

Chisom: Ohh ok. I’m not dating anyone right now

MBA: So, your Bluetooth is on. Can I pair you?

Chisom: Haha a little birdy told me you were already connected.

Single Chisom

MBA: Lol. I mean can I pair you to another one who Bluetooth is also on and searching

Chisom: Tempting but I’ll decline

MBA: 😂😂😂😂😂 she said tempting. I will see you backstage. Any last words to our cherished readers?

Chisom: Tolerance, and an open mind are practical necessities of the dreamer of today. Those who are afraid of new ideas are doomed before they start.

MBA: Wow. Great one there. Thank you for your time on #themeetbraamuahshow. God bless you.

Chisom: Thanks for having me 😊

Its been a great time with Chisom, an Optometrist and CEO of Student Hub Africa – an online campus marketplace. Like she said “Those who are afraid of new ideas are doomed before they start.” Till we meet next time. Adios!!!

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