Broken Men, Shredded Women!


I was born as the only daughter of my parents. In fact, the only child. I fell in love with Perry when i was only 18, few months after high school. I was in Holy Child school and he was in Augusco. It was a beautiful relationship. Perry was from a rich home. He had it all, the looks, the physique, money, what more could any lady ask for? He had these dreamy eyes that could take you to a beach in Brasil with just one long stare. His lips, OMG!. He was romantic and very caring. I loved him so so much. Initially we decided not to have sex till marriage but at a time i felt he was deserving since we thought we were made for each other. Perry left me when he went to KNUST while i found my way in Legon. He never gave me a reason for his decision. And to make things worse, he sent me a breakup text, via SMS. i’ve hated myself ever since. It’s been 4 years and we know we’re alive but we never get in touch. I’m so ashamed. I hate him. Though i miss his face and the sex.

Broken Men, Shredded Women!

At a time in my life i didn’t have anyone. Mom died. Dad followed few months after. 2015 was a terrible year for me and my brothers. As the eldest child, i had to look after my two little ones. One auntie did so well to help. The extended family coveted all the property. The only thing i had was mom’s provision shop. It was big enough to sustain us for a long time. And then i met Ken. He turned my life around. I was convinced Ken was sent from God. Throughout the pain and the tears God finally answered my prayer. We dated for two years. After i gave my all to Ken, he is getting married next month. He even had the guts to send me an invitation card via whatsapp. Ive hated myself ever since.
Broken Men, Shredded Women!
I am Razak, formally Kwesi Adu. One may ask, why? This is because i changed my religion for the woman i love. Her family were against us being together. I’d be chased out shamefully whenever i visited. Then i’d have to be timing her parents just to catch a glimpse of the one i love. It happened over the years and we became used to it.  I’d often accompany her to the mosque and back. I’d watch her perform ablution with an angelic approach. Suad was beautiful. Mehn! Muslim girls! whaaat! Then one day i mustered courage and arranged for  a meeting with her parents. Alhaji was one scary man.
Broken Men, Shredded Women!
Alhaji was one scary man

At the sound of his name, you knew he wasn’t pleasant. I dont know how i got that strength and bravery from. At the meeting, i announced to them that i was ready to become a muslim if that is the only thing going to get me closer to Suad. The family was shocked. Since then, it’d be the request for this or that. I would have to buy gifts for Suad, her mom, her dad, her house dogs, just anyone at all. It was getting unbearable. Suad thought it was okay to be exploiting me like this. I told her about it and it didn’t go well. She threatened to end the relationship. I apologized and went on with the irregular shopping. I spent hours in Macaranta, hours in the mosque. I even enrolled in Hausa classes. I was determined. I traveled shortly for about 5 months. I returned last two weeks only to be told Suad had married another man, a real muslim. I was shattered. i cried for days unending. I’ve vowed never to enter a relationship anymore. Girls are wicked! I’m no longer Razak. Don’t call me Razak. I’m Kwesi Adu.

Broken Men, Shredded Women!
Girls eh! Hmmmm. I loved Baaba. with all my heart i did. But she moved on. Just like that. without any reason. She got a new job with Menzgold and called me to say i should find something to eat and then call her back. I wasn’t getting the drift so i ate, of course she insisted so i sent her pics to prove. Then she texted me “Nana, i have reached a point in my life where my pleasure cannot mix with my business. I will like to move on, please do same”. I called her to get clarification. She hang up many times and refused to speak to me. She later texted saying she’s sorry, it’s over. She blocked me on all social media handles including mobile money.  I did not complain. I moved on. Few months ago, As an entrepreneur, i won an award with one investment firm for 40,000$. I received a call from a strange number. Guess who it was? Baaba. Come see how she was all over me, how she’s missed me, plenty talks. I just listened and played along. And then my new girlfriend, a partner in my firm, came over and asked “Hun, you look tensed, who’s that? a client or a friend?”. I answered it’s my friend. I think Baaba heard this and cut the call. She later sent a long text of how things have been bad for her, how she lost her job at Menzgold and how her family threw her out for no apparent reason. As to the truth of it, i dont know and i dont care. She asked me to move on and i did. Girls eh!! u for fear dem.
Broken Men, Shredded Women!
Well, I’m gay. That is that. I linked up with this guy through social media. We hang out and he seemed nice. Later, he proposed to me. It wasn’t like i wasn’t used to same sex proposals. But i was single. There was something about him. He worked in an apartment rental firm. He is good looking and all. I was also with SSNIT and was doing well. As to why i was single, i have no idea. Dates turned into sleepovers and our names gradually changed to diabetes inducing names – boo, bae, hun. etc. I won’t say  i hate him after all we enjoyed together. But at times we tend to love people more than they deserve and that’s what hurt me most. i  Can’t believe i found my guy on top of another guy, in my own house. He had accommodation issues and i decided to assist him get back on his feet. There are times he didn’t need to go to the office so he’d have to be home. That wasn’t a problem. I even got him spare keys. I had to rush home to get some files for the office. My phone was off so i couldn’t call. of course we had our keys so it wasn’t going to be a problem. I got to the house and opened. Then i heard kuchikuchi like activity in there. i opened up, lo and behold, the scene i’ll never forget. ever! we broke up, on a good note though. he left my house that same evening. we haven’t blocked each other, yet, but we just dont talk.
Broken Men, Shredded Women!
The stories above can go on and on and on. It goes a long way to tell us the different kinds of people we often get entangled with in our lives. It is so easy to fall in love with someone. DOn’t trip yet, it is also very easy to fall out of love with those same people. But why would two matured adults agree to fall in love and then agree to fall out of love without tangible reasons? at the start, the same brightest morning stars to your planet become the darkness in your soul. Of what correlation do stars have with darkness? I’ve been wondering how and why people would hate each other because they refused to continue loving each other. There are lots of reasons, like in the stories above, but in the end, it all boils down to the actions of the people involved. What did they stop doing? what new things did they start doing? how were they doing them? were you concerned ? or not? did it affect you positively or negatively? did you talk about it? were they remorseful? did they repent? did they change? the questions go on and on.
Eventually, people are just people. Your best friend can become your worst enemy. Your business partner can become your fiercest competitor. Your wife can become your killer. Your husband can become your defendant in court. The bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh becomes a leech who continually parasites on you. People are just people. But if people can scheme to be bad or do bad, then that means, people can be programmed to do good too. So why dont we capitalize on good things?
Especially in our relationships, we go through lots of hurt, pain, malice, hate, etc. and it churns us out for marriage, and then we take these traits into marriage. and then the children learn from our actions and inaction and the the cycle starts again.
I’d like to conclude by indicating that, if you know the right thing , do it. If you know better, do better. The same christians who rush to marry with 3 hours receptions that feed the whole population of Denkyira Obuasi are the same divorcing in the courts with an alarming rate. Do unto others what you’d love them do unto you. Stop putting your women in pain. Stop putting your men through hell. Stop complaining. Stop Nagging. be romantic. i dont think God taught Adam how to make his wife feel like a woman. Learn. Don’t be the same boring always-bedroom -always- one- style- always- same- moaning- methods same- phrases- kinda guy. Explore love. Be happy. I believe if everyone is happy in their own relationships, slay queens will be jobless and slay kings will find jobs. At the end we will all be content with what we have. Make love. If you’re in love, it’s up to you to make it work. Let’s end hurtful breakups and divorce.
NB: All the stories, names, locations, etc are purely fictional. Any resemblance to persons, stories, names, locations, is coincidental. All images are not directly associated with scenarios in this writeup.  The writer bears all copyright to this article. Plagiarism is a crime. Support literary works.




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