Azumah Winime – Graphic Designer & Philanthropist Meets Bra Amuah


It’s time to meet bra Amuah. Hello cherished readers, hope we are all doing great. Well like we do it with style, we promote talents and inspire lives. Being a student as well as an entrepreneur in the Graphic Designing industry takes passionate and committed souls.
Designing and printing of posters, logos, bill boards, t-shirts, branding of pens, mugs and all other graphics related works has been our guests’ ordeal for some years now. The road has not been easy but with determination and commitment, He has survived all these years and is still in the business. Ladies and gallant gents meet Azumah Winime.

MBA: Welcome to The Meet Bra Amuah Show. Break the ice by telling us about yourself.

Azumah: Thank you MBA. My name is Winime C. Azumah, I’m a Computer Science student in the University of Cape Coast and a Student Entrepreneur. I love to read, talk and write.

MBA: That’s great. Tell me about your family Azumah.

Azumah: I’m from a family of six, now five, thus my late dad, my mum and two sisters and brother. We hail from the Upper East region of Ghana specifically Garu Tempane and reside in Ashaiman in the greater Accra region.

MBA: My condolences Bro. How has the journey as an entrepreneur being? Any challenges?

Azumah: Thank you It’s been exciting as well as very challenging. Yeah there has been great challenges some very severe that made me wanted to actually quit.

MBA: Wow. Kindly share with us. My readers are eager to know.

Azumah: Haha, I entered into business with no intention of making money, actually I was just happy to be responsible for providing someone’s need. This deep obsession led me into charging wrongly for works and I almost always in the beginning end up spending more on a work than the client actually paid. I lost so much revenue because I didn’t properly examine works and charge accordingly, I was just excited providing someone’s need. This led into me accruing so much debt and problems that frustrated me for almost half a year until I was able to offset all debts and start afresh.

MBA: I see. Tell us more.

Azumah: I guess the joy of providing products and services outweighed the frustration. Moreover, as a passionate Christian and Vice President of a Christian fellowship called Light Network International, and a student entrepreneur, having to balance all these has been challenging, and one is tempted a times to let go off business and give a greater attention of my time to school. The challenges are many, 😃, they are too many to share.

MBA: Deep. Wow. It hasn’t been easy, I can see. Azumah, how do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Azumah: In the next five years per our business plan, we will be setting up a permanent office space in Cape Coast and expand the activities of our foundation for the benefit of a lot more people, also we are currently building an office of our own in Kasoa which is expected to be completed by the end of this year. So, within the next five years we plan to complete all these projects and resource our offices properly for full operation and meet the needs of a lot more clients across Ghana.

MBA: Our sources also tell us you have a foundation. What is the foundation about?

Azumah: Yes, we have a social enterprise named Wini foundation, it is an initiative we started to help promote the values of integrity, excellence and good ethical standards among the youth through conferences and seminars in the various institutions in Ghana. We also organize workshops and training sessions in areas of entrepreneurship, technology, science and many more. Furthermore, we also provide aid and a few other stuffs that we offer the public.

MBA: At the point you feel you wanted to quit, what kept you in the game.

Azumah: I would say passion spurred me on. The will and zeal to see success kept me going when the challenges were very severe.

MBA: What has been your major challenge in the world of entrepreneurship?

Azumah: My major challenge has been people. You can’t do business in isolation, business is done with other people, and business to me is a chain, when there is a break in the chain, the entire business vehicle comes to a standstill. My major challenge has been in getting reliable individuals to either work with or trust clients to pay for their works on time. But with experience gathered over time we are mitigating our loses.

MBA: Azumah with this your height, what sport do you do?

Azumah: 😃😃😃 I’m not really a sport person but I do enjoying running. But I wish I knew how to play basketball, my height would have served its purpose. 😃

MBA: Tell us about your love life. Are you single, single and searching, or attached?

Azumah: **Laughs** Seriously engaged.

MBA: “Eiii aberantie, na seriously nso erhh.” Anyway, who is this beautiful flower?

Azumah: 😃 She is a beautiful flower indeed. She is a 3rd year student of Economics in KNUST and that’s what I can tell you for now.

MBA: Boys that ohhh. “Ose for now” **Both laughs**

MBA: Do you have a role model. If yes, who is that person and why?

Azumah: With role models, I identify with quite a few.

MBA: Few meaning?

Azumah: Dr. Myles Munroe the late, Aliko Dangote, Ashish thakker and several others. But the ones I follow consistently are pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Dr. Mensa Otabil. I love them for their brain, wisdom, enthusiasm/perseverance, and several other values that makes them unique for my choosing.

MBA: Great there. Brain, wisdom, and enthusiasm. If you were given the opportunity to be President of Ghana for one day, what will you do in your power?

Azumah: **amazed** wow, in a day Ok, I will first of all do what I can to improve our mode of educational delivery. I have very serious concerns regarding our educational sector and I will work hard within that 24 hours to put in some major steps. I will also tackle the issue of sanitation by sensitizing Ghanaians to desist from littering the surroundings.

MBA: “Aberantie,” you will do all these in a day, “why you bi superman”?

Azumah: Hahaha I’m the president with a lot resources available to me, I can do that much I think.

MBA: President Azumah. Hahaha

Azumah: At least I will put in measures to ensure if I don’t complete, my successor will continue.

MBA: Alright sir. Azumah do you believe people are inspired by others to do greater things? If you do what words do you have for youngsters out there who want to go into entrepreneurship?

Azumah: Absolutely, I do believe that. I have been inspired by personalities and their stories, books and so forth. Inspiration from the example of others has contributed immensely to what I have become and becoming. They should go all out, they should be passionate about their idea, develop it with rich research and so forth. Don’t let any challenge force you out of business, entrepreneurship is for very determine and persevering souls. So, I encourage all to come onboard. Don’t also allow titles and tags fill your head and heart, CEO means nothing if your business isn’t making profit, solving a problem or meeting a need and has no future. Business is for serious people. Finally, research is key, so research.

MBA: Quite a power packed advice. Any last words you want to add?

Azumah: To every entrepreneur out there and anyone with a business idea he or she is yet to implement, get started, because ideas don’t come fully formed, they grow and become clearer with time and as we work on them. So, get started and brand yourself in the minds of your customers properly, branding is not just the aesthetic part only.

MBA: Thanks so much for your time. We are glad having you on The Meet Bra Amuah show. We hope individuals get inspired from this interview.

Azumah: I hope so too. Indeed, I have met bra Amuah today. Thanks to for the opportunity. I’m grateful.

Its been an honor to interview a very great man. To organize workshops and training sessions in areas of entrepreneurship, technology, science and many more is not an easy task at all. One thing I’ve learnt is that a business should solve a problem or meet a need. What have you learnt? Thanks for your time, Au revior.

Be Inspired & Motivated​​​

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