Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah Launches New Book On Skin Bleaching – Tall Black Girls Inc


Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah – The Great Village Thinker launches new book – TALL BLACK GIRLS INC.  This is what he had to say about the publishing of his new poetry masterpiece.


Tall Black Girls Inc. — a Prosaic-Poetry collection, seeks to address openings and subsidiaries in our part of the world (especially of the Black Woman). Also to offer remedies to the prevalent surge in the hate for Black Skin and identity. Using provocative imagery and didactic metaphors, this masterpiece is an appeal against the craze to discolorize the melanin and subscription to white-striken cinematic appeal which has risen beyond salvage in our socio-cultural discourses.

Creating this book lasted me a year and more. Between 2017 and 2018, after I had posted few notes from it on Facebook. I decided to take a good look at it and to polish it by ripping a lot of pages from the original manuscript which was well over 70 pages to the present 30+ pages. I realized through the process that this wasn’t just any other book or creative that I was plundering my soul into. It was a quest to redefine or rechart a crooked course into a tale that has gone bizarre in the black wo(man’s) world.

The phenomenon of skin discoloration and abuse of bleaching creams has taken  a strong toll in the minds of a greater population of the African race, being it on the continent or in the diaspora.

I wouldn’t through the horn of pomposity state that this collection is a catholicon or an all-cure for the rampant and mind numbing incidence of skin bleaching on the African continent or in black communities, that would be a lie. But like all remedies, this book pushes its strength, however, through the psychological warfare that has narrowed black people’s mentality into accepting and enriching their thoughts that lighter skins are the prettiest.

For me, this book comes not as a pocket collectible to gain monetary weight but throughout my daily struggles, the urge to produce a healthy readable material that appeals to the senses and reasoning holds paramount to this end.

It won’t be a perfect fit for all purposes of reading, but if you’re interested in a poetry dimension that explores prose through heavy or metallic themes of black identity, black supremacy, black spirituality, striking prowess in melanin, black skin awareness and an interior expansion into black feminine voice that rationally anchors its vociferous intricacies about happenings in its world, then this book can be a sterling silver lining for that prospect.

As Aremu Adams Adebisi would put it the Foreword, “This inflection— that has carved as an instrument prose, poetry and prose-poetry to fulfill a kind of rendition that celebrates the naked truth of Africans. In seeming western-make-believe infinitesimal symbols and in the body of Dahomey-like-African-women— can only be compared in depth and in resonance to the bottleneck guitar-playing of Robert Johnson and the towering oratory prowess of Martin Luther king.”

I hope this collection contributes to the unabated discussions of issues of this magnitude in our academic and social enterprises.

NB: Visit Google Playstore to download ‘ readerapp ‘ and buy a copy of this book using mobile money service as a convenient paying mode.
PS: Cover/Interior Design: Derrick Tsorme

This book, TALL BLACK GIRLS INC., is our way of bridging the conversation and whipping up the consciousness of the black communities that “being beautiful is being Black and being Black is being beautiful.”
Stop Skin Bleaching. 
Stop Melanin Discolorization.
Black is Beautiful. 


I call him the Great Village Thinker.
Meet Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah a young Ghanaian poet from Cape Coast whose works are revered by many. He is being honored on different occasions by both national and international literature outfits.

Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah

Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah considers himself in two worlds: earth & (or) magic — /and water or & [spirit] — sprinkled beside a converged highway of motionless bodies. His breathe cuts through the nerves of words & many beautiful things that aren’t always beautiful. Abeiku is a Smartphone Enthusiast/Reviewer, Creative Expressionist, Poetry Editor for Lunaris Review (A journal of Arts & the Literary – Nigeria) and Creative Director/& Founder at The Village Thinkers (a Creative Writing & Performing Arts Society, Accra – Ghana).

His works have been anthologized/published in known both & unknown footprints — online and prints. Tsiwah is an offspring of the University of Cape Coast, Ghana where he majored in Geography.

He doubles as the genius and founder of The Village Thinkers a Creative Writing and Arts Society.
This is but a few of the honors conferred on Abeiku ( The Village Thinker) over the years.

  • 1st Prize Winner: World Union of Poets Poetry Prize for Africa 2016
  • Golden Prize: Dovesline Poetry Competition 2016
  • Specialist Diploma in Poetry Writing (Conferred by Knight Silvano Bortollazi- Italy’s Foremost Citizen Poet)
  • 1st Prize: Africa Poetry Challenge 2016
  • Shortlisted for African Writers Awards 2018




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