300 Spartans – An AUGUSCO Story You Never Heard

I felt like Leonidas

The first time i watched 300 Spartans movie, i felt like a hero. I felt like i should conquer Ghana and make myself a great king- just like Leonidas. Little did i know it’s just a matter of time before i became an actual Spartan. This is based on a true story. Sit back and let me take you back in time.

I felt like Leonidas

The match had gone on very well. A lot of us were ecstatic about our expected wins. Others couldn’t say same. Some had lost their bets big time. The least laughter could get them vexed. But who cares? It was a happy time for the bulk of us. I could count over 250 students all trooping back to campus as late as 12 midnight. It was dark all over and the roads were empty. Some of the street lights lining the street that lead to the school had gone off – either deliberately or damaged. I could see many known faces. They were all not usual town-goers. And i saw some mass servers. Ei, when angels turn to demons! These guys were supposed to keep us in check. They were now cheer-leading breaking bounds.

Mass servers had broken bounds. ei

We couldn’t blame them though. It was just a football match not a robbery. What more could happen? Usually we would use the entrance of the school. But at this ungodly hour, who would approach the security post and tell them they are students? Never!!. We had a secret route through the bushes. This route took us through the bushy pathway near the lagoon and came out into the school field. The nearest houses were Kelly, John’s and Joseph’s and could be seen in the near distance. The backend of the dining hall was also in sight. Virtually all the street lights had gone out. I felt uneasy. I beckoned on Steven Godoga, my bestfriend and narrated my suspicions to him. He was the only one who could believe me if i said there was something odd about the journey. I was noted to be very observant. I could make out a coughing ant in a crowd of humans. Godoga tried analysing what i had just told him. He turned to caution all the others behind us. Some of them were busily chatting and shouting and debating on top of their voices, typical of boys after a football match. Some took heed and others neglected the warning. As we neared the middle of the soccer field, we heard movements in some of the bushes. This raised the alarm bar to code red. Some of the boys found stones and started hurling at the source of the sound. Someone in the thicket shouted “Ajjeeiii!”. We knew that voice. It was that of the Senior House master.

The Senior Housemaster shouted AJEIII and started crying…

He took out a whistle and blew it hard. All at once, there were many other bodies exiting from their hiding points. Some faces could be made out. The conclusion, it was our own teachers. They had heard we would break bounds to go enjoy the football match between Barca and AC Milan. Earlier, they had cautioned at assembly and at the dining hall that we shouldn’t. That wasn’t enough warning for us. Here they were, on one side of the field and we the students on the other side. This was war. Immediately some of the boys began to go back into the township. Some ran to the beach. Some were still finding their feet.


Others had removed their shirts and tied it over their heads like ninjas, just so their faces wouldn’t be made out. Some others too removed their slip-ons and fixed them on their hands, like swim pads. The teachers started shouting. “Come here and write your names and you will be punished small”. No one was ready to step forward. It began to drizzle. The moment got the more cinematic. I dont know what came over me, but i also took off my shirt and gave myself a ninja look. I amassed courage and told my friends that we cannot all be punished. We would need to charge at them and overpower them. We outnumbered them 5 to 1. It was possible some would be captured. Some would escape. That would be better than anything else. The boys cheered me on.

“This is war. Let’s kill them”… i said, as i led the Israelites to the Promised land

At once, there was the shout of “FALLING!!”. This was a code word to mean “THIEF SPOTTED. ATTACK!!”. Immediately there was a stampede. We charged towards the teachers with such power i’m sure they were scared. It was a scene to behold. People scattered here and there. Some took sticks and stones and beat the hell out of the teachers. Some climbed trees and stayed there till morning. SOme fell into gutters and hurt themselves bad. Some even stayed under the gutters till it was safe to come out. We only knew this some days after. I dont know how i did it but i knew God was at work in me. The next thing i knew, i was in my house with my few comrades. We slipped into our beds and stayed there till there was calm.

I slipped into my bed. i was safe

In order not to arouse suspicion to myself, i changed clothes and slipped out of bed. The stampede and the shouts had awoken the whole school. People now stood at the balconies and debated on what had happened.
Immediately there was a Roll Call Alarm. House prefects were directed to conduct emergency roll calls. They beckoned us into the house and counted, wrote names and other details. I was in the house, i was safe. Godoga was safe.

Godoga and me celebrating. We were safe.

The next day was interesting! Almost every teacher had either an eye patch, some bandage covering some body part, or some huge plaster holding some bones together. Just kidding about the bones, but a lot of them were hurt bad. It wasn’t only them. Some students had their fare shares. Immediately, you knew they were involved in the war.

The teachers were covered in bandages and plasters

Some of the students had been caught on the field. Their names and details were taken. As was customary, they’d also need to rat out other comrades of theirs they had seen at the football center. They would need to rat out all faces and names they knew, even perfumes they could make out. The days continuing had scrutiny upon scrutiny. Many students were invited to the Disciplinary Committee for interrogation. Some exonerated themselves from suspicion. Others couldn’t and were arraigned for trial. Even some innocent ones were found guilty, either because they resembled a description given or had some bandages way before the night of the incident, but it wasn’t enough to exonerate them.

Some students could not be identified because of the plasters on their body parts

At one assembly about 300 students were called out to the podium and their punishments meted out to them. The bulk of them went on internal suspension for months. Others who were noted to have really disciplined the teachers were sent home indefinitely. They later were called to come sign the bond of 1844. Those that still looked like they were innocent were given hot strokes from some wicked teachers. This led to the term 300 Spartans. Some of us have become tight friends ever since. We meet in town and at gatherings and reminisce that dreadful day the 300 Spartans went to war with their teachers.

Someway somehow the gods were on my side. Over 20 of my comrades from my own house were ratted out. About half of my classmates were ratted out. Till date, No one “chooked” me and my buddy Godoga. May the gods be praised.

Long live APSU, Long live the College!

NB; This story is based on a true happening. Nevertheless, the writer writes in the first person, as if he was there. Please take note that Perry Tintin was still a junior when it happened and wasn’t there at all. He couldn’t have survived. His best-friend Steven Godoga shared a bed space with Perry. It will be impossible for Perry not to be there and Steven to be there as Perry was the stronger of the two. Please take note because our headmaster has a habit of calling back past students to answer for their old crimes. The literature techniques used are just for your reading pleasure. They are both innocent. I repeat, THEY ARE BOTH INNOCENT!

I swear, i’m innocent! Only God Nose




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