Preventing Premature Ejaculation


Premature ejaculation (PE) or early ejaculation is when a man releases or ejaculates just before or shortly after penetration with little sexual stimulation without control. It is the most common male sexual problem for men under the age of 40. It is estimated that almost every man will have this problem sometime in his life.

Although the actual cause is unknown, it is quite common with new sex partners and if it has been a long time since the last ejaculation. It is also very likely to happen when the man is anxious, feels guilty of what they are about to do or depressed. These reasons being the more likely predisposing factors tips the likely causes being more Psychological than physical.

So what are the best ways to preventing PE?


The rationale behind deep breathing during sex is to relax the body and release tension that can lead to early ejaculation. Shallow and short breathing speeds up the heart and increase your chances of ejaculating early. Taking slow deep breaths at long intervals example 5 seconds inhale, hold for 3 seconds,then 5 seconds exhale, helps prevent this and prolong sex. Your partner can also help by focusing on your breathing and breathing along to build passion.


Some people who have PE problems have them because they try to be selfish during sex. Paying attention to only your feelings during sex is most likely to backfire as early ejaculation. When you try to please your partner just equally and also not more than yourself, sexual activities become more enjoyable and prolonged.


This exercise should first be practiced alone through masturbation before trying it. Contrary to popular notion, masturbation has no proven side effect medically but more beneficial than detrimental to health. With this exercise you try to keep yourself from ejaculating by stopping and / or pulling out just when you feel it’s about to happen or squeezing the base of the penis (not the tip) to stop it from happening, then take a short rest between, then do it again and again till you can’t hold it any longer. Once you feel you have mastered it alone, then you can try it with your partner.


Drugs should always be the last resort if you have tried multiple methods with NO success. Some anti-depressants have been proven effective against PE. But always discuss with your doctor before taking any drug for PE. Aphrodisiacs are a bad idea as they have either short or long term undesirable side effects. Some natural remedies may be helpful, eg. the Yohimbe bark, etc.

These methods above are some of the most effective against Premature ejaculation.


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