FDA Ghana Bans 6 ‘Herbal’ Male Vitality Drugs


The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has issued a press release, signed by the C.E.O., Hudu Mogtari, stating it has cancelled the marketing authorization of 6 male vitality herbal medicines due to adulteration by the manufacturing companies. The products include:

  1. Rockman Capsules manufactured by RockCare Clinic Ltd.
  2. Angel Natural Capsules manufactured by Angel Herbal Products Industries.
  3. Tinatett Be4 Be4  Herbal Capsules manufactured by Tinatett Marketing Co. Ltd.
  4. Adom Gentleman Power Capsules manufactured by Dependable Pharmacy Ltd.
  5. Laud P Capsules manufactured by Stephen Gyan Herbal Center.
  6. Mars For Men imported by Joe D.D. Ventures.

All these products were registered as herbal medicines but have been found to contain a synthetic ingredient called Vardenafil, which is used to treat erectile dysfunction. This however is a prescription only drug, meaning it’s use is being abused. This could lead to the side effects of abuse of the drug including; bleeding in the brain which can lead  to strokes, heart attacks, sustained long erections which can cause impotence, kidney problems and sight and hearing problems.

The general public is therefore advised not to purchase these products as they are all being recalled back from the market, according to the FDA. Although these products  were certified to be distributed, according to the FDA, post market surveillance suggested they ha violation the terms of their certification and approval and therefore have revoked their certifications.

The release also assures the general public that the FDA will continue its work fervently to protect public health and safety. And also encourages the general public to report the continuous sale and distribution of these products or suspected products to the authority for the necessary action to be taken USING THE NUMBERS BELOW.

FDA: 0244337235 / 0267265087 / 0544863418

photocredit: metrofmonline.com




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