6 Reasons Why People Give Up On Working Out


Everybody wants that perfectly chiseled abs, girls dig it, boys flaunt it and it always looks good in a swim suit. But once many start the course to get those ‘perfect’ abs, they give up sooner or later for one reason or another, but the reasons are mostly similar from person to person. If these factors are taken into consideration before and during the course, you will most definitely get to the end of it with those abs you dreamed of.

The most common reason you need to know are;

Inappropriate Diet: Ab workouts, like most weight loss courses, need an appropriate diet for it to work or after some time you’ll see little improvement and give up eventually. Therefore when you chose an abs workout course or adopt a course of your own, make sure you follow the diet that goes with it or create a low saturated fat, low cholesterol, low carbs/sugar diet and increase fruits and vegetables intake.

Snacking in the Night: Everyone loves snacking at night even if it’s not something we do every time or it’s something we hate doing, we still do it. This is a bad practice for working out to lose a little belly fat. After 6 o’clock in the evening the body’s digestive system goes into recess mode and will not be in the mood to digest any complex thing including carbohydrate not to even think of fats. The body converts all carbohydrates consumed after this time to fats and stores them. That explains why eating at might make you gain weight or prevent you from reaching your goal. Avoid night snacking or eating.

Inappropriate Duration of Routines: Some people always look for the quickest way to get results from these workouts and resort to overworking themselves, while others feel to lazy to complete a routine and still wish to get results. Most routines in all for beginners shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes for beginners and then after a week or two increase the duration steadily or you might pull a hamstring or two or get some nasty body or tummy ache, which can easily discourage you or throw you off course. Though certain ache are to be expected especially if it’s you first time doing it but do rest between sets and take a cue from your body if it becomes too much to take and take a break.

Inappropriate Frequency: As much as you’d like to see quick results, you should not do these exercises daily or more than once a day for beginners. This can be quite harmful to your health, and if that does not stop you from  continuing, your doctor will. The most appropriate number of times to keep doing this per week is 3-4 times. And be sure not to do it when full or just after eating.

Wrong Routine Choice: Some routines are structured specifically for beginners, others for intermediates and others for those experienced. Make sure to find out which is for which and chose appropriately, or there will be a high chance of you quitting.

Expecting Quick Results: Every workout routine takes time and dedication to get results. It only takes a miracle to get full results within a week so don’t get too excited but be dedicated and you’ll get there.

If you ever feel like quitting those abs workout, you should check one of these it will most definitely be a least one of these reasons.


Photo credit: bodybuilding.com 18 Laws of Ab Training




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