We all know how fashion is growing in Ghana and also putting us on the map, the effort our designers are making. For year our designers have being perfecting in great style and exhibition in our local movies, red-carpet and fashion shows. The past five years’ fashion in Ghana has totally change due to the effort our designers are putting in the fashion industry.

There are thousands of designers out there working in the name of Ghana, up-coming designers with great style and also top designers. We have designers who based in Ghana and also outside Ghana working to put our fashion industry on the ‘’fashion globe map’’. Past five years, there are some Ghanaian designer who could put us on the ‘’fashion globe map’’, in other words their style or designs was featured on great platforms and some are also working hard to get there.

In this blog I will show you some Ghanaian designers who was featured in Hollywood

1. Aphia Sakyi 

She was featured in the American superstar Janet Jacksons new video that was release this year, a short video which is in the remembrance of the late Michael Jackson (his brother) on his birthday. The neck piece in the short video was made by the Ghanaian award winning jewelry designer, Aphia sakyi, which the name of the necklace was ‘’Yaa Asantewaa’’. ‘’Yaa Asantewaa”is a name from the Ashanti history of Ghana, a great female warrior who lead men to war, so the necklace also helps portray the role of Janet Jackson in the short video and it also took over the internet for some time.

The popular YouTube and Instagram comedians @kingbach and @blameitonkway was also featured in the short video

The video was to pay homage to Michael Jackson’s ‘’Remember The Time’’ featured by Eddie Murphy

2. Ozwald Boating

Ozwald is the uk-based Ghanaian designer who was featured in the most anticipated movie and also the award winning movie ‘’Black Panther’’. The man sitting in a chair and dressed in a fine looking emerald suit was Ozwald piece. Ozwald deserve that feature though because he is the first black to set up a shop on Saville Raw. A friend said ‘’He is focused on the refinement of a man’s silhouette, and such has brought tailoring to him and the whole new generation of men’’ Isaach De Bankole the character styled with Oswald’s piece was looking super cool with his matching lip plate.

Ozwald gave a comment about his piece been featured in the movie saying


                   ‘’ As a Ghanaian and staunch support of promoting African, I was extremely proud and happy to see African being represented in a brighter light”


”As a fashion designer, it was an honor to be part of the process and have some of my pieces in Black Panther movie”

3.Michael Badger    

Maybe you don’t know who Michael Badger is but he is a young designer who is working his way out in the fashion industry. In 2013 Naomie Harries hits the red-carpet at the Academy Award held at the Dolby theatre on February 24 in Hollywood with a gown design by Michael badger, the Ghanaian-born and the winner of the red-carpet Green Dress Challenge. Naomie played a role on the Skyfall movie (James Bond) and the actress tweeted on the design saying

                           ‘’my Oscar dress took 120 hours to make, dyed with chamomile and golden rod, hand embroidered with vintage beads and chocolate’’


We still have good designers trying their best even out of Hollywood and since the world is not at end we should hope for the best from Ghanaian designers being featured in Hollywood movies and red-carpet.




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