There are a lot of blogs all over the net showing how you can discover your fashion style. Have read several myself as some were complicated, some gave out ‘’15 steps to know your fashion style’’ and other ‘’10 steps to know your style’’. But finding your personal fashion style is like discovering your personality signature, so it doesn’t have to be that complicate. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying those blog posts are bad or wrong but too confusing.

As a fashion lover, I have figure out five simple ways to discover your personal style. Before I start, we all have a particular dressing sense even as we don’t know our fashion style and that will also help discover your style. I have done this and it works out for me and was happy, so I am 100% sure this will help you too. Are you ready? Now let see what it takes to understand and find your personal style.

1.Knowing your body type

Body type is the most dominant part of the procedure. Most people don’t know body type can dictate what you should wear and also help you know what will look good on you. It’s more like identifying your strengths and building on them.

2.Understanding your personality

To discover your style, you need to consider your personality or lifestyle or the persona you want to present to the world. For your style to reflect your personality, it has to make sense with your field or work, the area you live and something in line with your dreams. E.g. if you work in an office you need to go classy.

3. What are your favorite color and combination

I like to combine two or three colors in one style, combine my blue-black pant with a white round neck T-shirt and finish it with my denim jacket. Are you all about simple on or tow colors or you like to add more colors to your style? You need to think about your favorite color because color plays a big role when finding your personal style.

4. Go through the style or fashion icon that inspire you

There are some style Icons that really inspire me and also help when I was finding my personal style. Who is that style icon you like and follow on social media and other platforms? He tells you a lot about who you are.

5.Brand to shop from

Shopping from a quality brand also play a major role. The brand you shop from also shows your personality and is not only about how you style it but what you styling with. Having favorite brands usually is a big cue to your style, so think about it.




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