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Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Zara, Nike, Adidas, Versace etc are all big names in the world of fashion. With time, they have built their brands and are one of the most heard of brands in the world. These brands have conquered almost all fashion themes in the form of exoticness, simplicity, cultural, business-like, classic, even informal and as days go by, they continue to explore different themes in dressing relentlessly. Time and time again, fashion enthusiasts have been blown away by the outdoor of new creations, and the mad rush that comes with the purchase and even shipping of some of these creations.

Trends are created, pictures are posted on the gram, which comes along with the likes, and just like that almost everyone wants to own that attire or it is on their wishlist. Other times, almost everyone is disgusted, fashion critics are wild in their judgements, but only the bold in fashion venture those waters and sometimes it does not turn up so well.

 The essence of all these? Everyone wants to look good, everyone wants to have a feel of being of the red carpet and be admired by everyone because of an outfit. Everyone wants to be in an outfit where people see divinity, be in attires which speak elevated standards and that’s the prime target of Critz Devine; creating divine persons by virtue of clothing.

Man has passed the stage of wearing clothes only to cover nakedness. Those times have long passed, and the pictures on twitter, pinterest, Instagram and other picture sharing platforms make this quite evident. However, Critz Devine is taking fashion notches high. Some productions of Critz include customized beads, suits, sweaters and printed shirts, however this is for the now as we intend on making bold appearances on red carpets, both near you and worldwide. Need a personal wardrobe stylist for that talked about event? We got you! Critz Devine was responsible for making the shirts for ERA artistes during their recent program held at Perez Chapel. To verify, find out from their IG page, Critzdevine, and you won’t be disappointed.

 The motto “Now, we see you!” encapsulates the whole idea for the establishment of Critz Devine and below is a recent creation of Critz Devine for the ministry of The Kings Union (TKU) and also, we printed new shirts for the ministry which were worn on TKU Wear Sunday which you could check out on the official page of the ministry: Thekingsunion .  Give us a chance and let us surprise you because we aim to make you look surreal.  “Now we see you!”

Credit:  Anita Kathedra Natekie Nartey (Narkita)




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