VIDEO: The Truth About Afia Schwarzenegger Will Come Out – Vlogger, Kamal Mohammed Defends Her

afia schwarzenegger

YouTube Vlogger, Kamal Mohammed of Ghana News Updates, has made a video in defense of Afia Schwarzenegger saying the real truth about her video and marriage will come out. This follows the numerous backlashes at Afia by Ghanaians after a nude video in which she was allegedly caught cheating with another man was allegedly leaked by her husband who filmed it when he caught her red-handed.

Kamal, in the video, criticises people who have little information about the situation and yet judged and also insulted her. Taking a feminist stand, he goes on to talk about it protection of women’s right to privacy by not leaking and resharing pictures and nude videos, which has become quite common in Ghana.

He also delves a little bit into the matter while answer some comments and talks about always waiting for the whole truth or both sides of a case to come out first before people make conclusions.

Watch the video below:



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